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Would you carry a see-through suitcase?
Posted on 26/06/2018


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Pack neatly and make sure your best clothes are put in last because transparent suitcases are on their way!

Off-White X Rimowa collaberation

Off-White X Rimowa collaberation

In fashion it seems that everything is becoming transparent. Although this particular fashion trend was initially emphasized during the 90s for women, it is still being used today.

In 2016 one of the world's most famous hip hop artists/producers, Kanye West, opened a new season of his brand 'Yeezy' which featured controversial transparent heels and boots for women.

Former business partner of Kanye, artistic director of Louis Vuitton's menswear and founder of Off-White, Vergil Abloh, has introduced a completely see-through suitcase.

This design is a collaboration with Rimowa, a leading premium manufacturer of luggage.

The result of these two premium enterprises teaming up to produce a new product? A 1500 USD suitcase!

The luggage bag has been designed so that it can be taken on-board an airplane.

It includes the printing of the word "miscellaneous" which is fitting to Off-White's branding where their product usually features a word or two written in speech marks on the actual product.

Abloh has said that this is the next level of personalization. It enables another layer to come into play while also allowing people to show off their products.

These innovative luggage bags are due to debut this month in Paris.