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  • Trinidad and Tobago
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Trinidad and Tobago : Discover the country's culture


"A House for Mr Biwas", by V.S Naipaul.


Caraïbes Baedeker, Mondeos. Ed. Comex.


"Roosevelt in Trinidad" (Night & Day).

Trinidad and Tobago : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

1498, Trinidad and Tobago discovered by Christopher Colombus. Owned by Spain.
1532, Spanish colony.
1797, the British take over Trinidad. Tobago successively falls into the hands of the Dutch, French, Spanish before being handed over by the French to the British in 1814.
1834, abolition of slavery.
1889, both islands are united administratively.
1956, Trinidad and Tobago gain autonomy.
31 August 1962, Trinidad and Tobago achieve independence. Eric Williams becomes prime minister.
1973, member of Caricom.
1976: The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is proclaimed. Member of Commonwealth.
1981-1986, Georges Chambers becomes prime minister.
1990, Muslim coup d'Etat last three days.
1995, Basdeo Panday is voted prime minister.
1997, Arthur Ray Robinson is elected president.

Trinidad and Tobago : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1 January.
New Year Day.
7-8 February 2005
Trinidad Carnaval It is considered the most fantastic in the whole Caribbean.
Good Friday and Easter.
1 June.
Labour Day.
Tobago Heritage Festival with traditional dances, crab and goat races.
31 August.
Independence Day.
Hossein, great Muslim autumn feast whose date varies based on the Muslim calendar. For three days, processions, singing, dancing, fighting, tadjah presentations (miniature models of mosques).
Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslim celebration.
October-November (date varies)
Divali, Hindu feast of Lights at Trinidad. All homes and gardens of believers are lit in a spectacular manner. Over the same period, at Manzanilla on the Atlantic coast of Trinidad, the Katik-Nannan, feast of purification where the Hindus bathe in the ocean.
25 December.

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