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Often compared to the Rio carnaval, Trinidad carnaval is one of the best in the world, and whatever the case, the most spectacular in the Caribbean, a leading centre for carnavals. Although festivities start two days before Ash Wednesday, preparations kick off at the start of the year: production of fantastic costumes, dance and music rehearsals... From December, you can feel the euphoria slowly take hold of the people. Bands and singers vie to be retained for the March Road, the annual anthem of the carnaval. The winner is chosen as king and chooses a queen who will be seen throughout the celebrations. Imported by Christians from Europe, the Trinidad carnaval has the specificity of bringing together all the different peoples of the land. A sort of social outlet, this feast helps to let off steam: people get dressed up and enter the streets to dance and sing to the tune of humoristic satires. Fancy-dress parades and chariots fill the city overcome by the sound of steelbands, buzzing orchestras made up of "salvaged" drums (old oil cans). Today, Truck trailers also carry booming and rumbling percussion instruments and sound systems, as the ultimate goal is the make as much noise as possible. Another specialty of this carnaval: the calypso, a popular dancing music with a purely African rhythm, on which satirical and ironical lyrics are improvised on politics, love, society... With the population thrown into a genuine trance, the carnaval last three days. An extraordinary "charivari", an explosion of colour, where all races blend to embark on a glorious social "therapy". Do not miss it for any reason whatsoever!

  • Trinidad Carnaval , Trinidad Carnival , Trinidad and Tobago
    Trinidad Carnival

    When this magnificent carnival takes place, the streets of Trinidad are taken over by a whirlwind of colour and music.

    Roger McClean / 123RF
  • Trinidad Carnaval , Trinidad and Tobago
    Trinidad Carnaval
    Roger McClean / 123RF
  • Trinidad Carnaval , Trinidad and Tobago
    Trinidad Carnaval
    Roger McClean / 123RF
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