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Traditionally blue, cast iron grills provide lining for windows and air vents for kitchens and bathrooms. Their interlacing metal designs create a stark contrast with the sobriety of the whitewashed façades. Designed to embellish homes and preserve the intimacy of the people, the cast iron grills are reminiscent of the mashrabiyas of the Arabo-Andalusian tradition, sculpted wood panels that allowed women to see onto the street without being seen.

  • Cast iron grills , A forged iron grill , Tunisia
    A forged iron grill

    The windows of typical Tunisian homes are often adorned with a forged iron grille which will more often than not be painted blue.

    © MATTES Rene
  • Cast iron grills , Wrought iron grates , Tunisia
    Wrought iron grates

    Like studded wooden doors, wrought iron grates are typical of Tunisian architecture.

  • Cast iron grills , Traditional Tunisian grates , Tunisia
    Traditional Tunisian grates

    Wrought iron grates are used as much for decorating houses as they are for privacy.

    © MATTES Rene
  • Cast iron grills , A Tunisian window , Tunisia
    A Tunisian window

    Wrought iron grates are not Mashrabiyas, which are typical of Eastern architecture.

    © MATTES Rene
  • Cast iron grills , A wrought iron grate , Tunisia
    A wrought iron grate

    Grates may abound on the façades of Tunisian houses, but their origins are Andalusian and Moroccan.

  • Cast iron grills , A blue wrought iron gate , Tunisia
    A blue wrought iron gate

    Wrought iron grates are usually made in the shapes of a C or an S.

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