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With the inauguration of Tozeur's new course in November 2006, Tunisia presently boasts nine courses. The most difficult lies in Tabarka (on the north coast), while the nearest to an airport is Djerba's. Tozeur's ten-hole course is the furthest south (better in winter than in summer, as temperatures on the edge of the Sahara are scorching). There are also two courses in the Hammamet resort (Yasmine and Citrus).

  • Golf courses , A golf club , Tunisia
    A golf club

    With its nine attractively priced golf courses with greens under the shade of palm trees, Tunisia is becoming more and more popular with golf lovers.

  • Golf courses , A golf club , Tunisia
    A golf club

    Tunisia has nine golfs clubs scattered along the coast from Tabarka to Djerba.
  • Golf courses , Tunisian golf courses , Tunisia
    Tunisian golf courses

    Tunisian golf courses are suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Golf courses , Golfing in Tunisia , Tunisia
    Golfing in Tunisia

    Many guests choose to combine seaside holidays with golfing.
  • Golf courses , Tunisia
    Golf courses

    Forests, dunes or next to the sea, Tunisia offers the possibility of choosing which setting you want to play golf in.
  • Golf courses , The Djerba Golf Club , Tunisia
    The Djerba Golf Club

    Lying between the sun and the sea, the Djerba Golf Club has three 9-hole courses.
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