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In the Bou Hedma National Park, you can see two species of antelopes: the addax and the oryx. You will also find ostriches, wild boar, mongooses and porcupines. In the desert, it is still possible, though rare, to come across fennecs.

  • Land wildlife , A wild ostrich , Tunisia
    A wild ostrich

    Many different animals species have found refuge in Tunisia's eight national parks.

    Johan Swanepoel / 123RF
  • Land wildlife , A dromedary , Tunisia
    A dromedary

    Tunisia's star animal, the dromedary should not be confused with the camel, which lives in colder climates.
  • Land wildlife , Black-backed jackal , Tunisia
    Black-backed jackal

    A carnivorous mammal with the false airs of a fox, the black-backed jackal lives primarily in the desert.
  • Land wildlife , Yellow mongoose , Tunisia
    Yellow mongoose

    Also called yellow mongoose because of the colour of its coat, the fawn-coloured mongoose measures no longer than 16 inches.
  • Land wildlife , Addax , Tunisia

    A rare species of antelope, the Addax and its long spotted nose live in the isolated regions of the Sahara.
  • Land wildlife , Tunisia
    Land wildlife
    Alexander Traksel / 123RF
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