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Used as the setting for the desert scenes of the film The English Patient, the Mides canyon has astounding layers of stratified rock shaped by erosion and the raging torrent of the wadi (valley) snaking through its rocky walls. Ochre and rose in colour, this mineral rich landscape shimmers as the sun sets, accentuating the contrast between the bare rock and the thin layers of vegetation, palm trees and acacias.

  • Mides Canyon, Landscapes, Tozeur, Tunisia
    Mides Canyon

    A stone's throw from the Algerian border, Mides Canyon's coloured rocks cover an area of nearly 2,000 mi².

    © Etrarte / 123RF
  • Mides Canyon , The old village of Midès , Tunisia
    The old village of Midès

    Abandoned in 1969 after a series of floods, the old village of Midès stands suspended between the sky and the mountains.

    © Stefano Cellai / age fotostock
  • Mides Canyon , Midès , Tunisia

    The Midès canyon served as the setting for scenes in the 1996 film 'The English Patient'.

    © Ariel Fuchs / EASYVOYAGE
  • Mides Canyon , Midès and its canyon , Tunisia
    Midès and its canyon

    A mountain oasis, Midès is located in southern Tunisia, around 40 miles from Tozeur.

    © Letizia Giuffrida / 123RF
  • Mides Canyon , A Midès palm grove , Tunisia
    A Midès palm grove

    The new village of Midès has taken up quarters in the middle of a palm grove rich with date palms, fig trees and orange trees.

    © Ariel Fuchs / EASYVOYAGE
  • Mides Canyon , The gorges of Midès , Tunisia
    The gorges of Midès

    It is possible to find fossils and colourful minerals several millions of years old In this desert canyon.

    © Ariel Fuchs / EASYVOYAGE
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