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Plantlife Tunisia
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Plantlife

Barbary fig trees are present all over the country. In the north, Tunisia's natural flora is mostly composed of cork oak, eucalyptus and thujas. Around the Sahel region, orange and olive trees are predominant whereas in the south, oases are filled with date palms, though you will also find cacti and thistle.

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Plantlife , Tunisian palm tree , Tunisia
Tunisian palm tree

The palm tree is an integral part of the Tunisian landscape. One of the most widespread species is the date palm.

Bzh22 / 123RF
Plantlife , Tunisian olive trees , Tunisia
Tunisian olive trees

The country's star plants, olive trees cover more than one third of the Tunisian territory.

Leonardoboss / 123RF
Plantlife , Olive tree plantations in Tunisia , Tunisia
Olive tree plantations in Tunisia

The country's 1,500 oil mills produce more than 180,000 tons of olive oil a year.

Luchschen / 123RF
Plantlife , Tunisian palm tree , Tunisia
Tunisian palm tree

The wood and leaves of the date palm are used to make objects such as mats, fans and baskets.

Thomaseder / 123RF
Plantlife , Orange tree in Tunisia , Tunisia
Orange tree in Tunisia

The climate is ideal for the cultivation of fruit trees and in particular citrus fruit.

Jason Ross / 123RF
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