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The Atlas Mountains, Landscapes, Tunisia
The Atlas Mountains

The famous Atlas Mountains stretch for nearly 1,500 miles from Morocco to Algeria.

Tomasz Skiba / 123RF
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The Atlas Mountains Tunisia
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The Atlas Mountains

Tunisia is home to two mountain ranges, the Tell Atlas and the Saharan Atlas. Despite this, it is still a fairly low-lying country. Its highest peak is the 5,098 ft tall Djebel Chaambi. Between these mountains and the sea lies a you will find a wide range of landscapes, including lush valleys and plateaus swept by the wind from the Tell Atlas.

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The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains , The Tunisian Ridge , Tunisia
The Tunisian Ridge

On Tunisian territory, the highest summit of the Atlas Mountains peaks at 1,544 metres in Djebel Chambi.

Asta Plechaviciute / 123RF
The Atlas Mountains , The Tunisian Mountain Range , Tunisia
The Tunisian Mountain Range

This mountain range gets its name from a Greek myth in which a giant called Atlas is ordered by Zeus to carry the sky.

Evgenia76 / 123RF
The Atlas Mountains , The Atlas Mountain Chain , Tunisia
The Atlas Mountain Chain

A hike in the Tunisian portion of the Atlas Mountains makes it possible to discover another facet of the country.

Plamen Petrov / 123RF
The Atlas Mountains , Saharan Atlas , Tunisia
Saharan Atlas

The mountain range is divided into three parts, two of which are on Tunisian territory: the Saharan Atlas and the Tell Atlas.

Filip Fuxa / 123RF
The Atlas Mountains , Mountains around Chebika , Tunisia
Mountains around Chebika

The Atlas abounds in oases like the one of Chebika, located at the foot of mountains.

Igor Groshev / 123RF
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