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Tunisia is home to two mountain ranges, the Tell Atlas and the Saharan Atlas. Despite this, it is still a fairly low-lying country. Its highest peak is the 5,098 ft tall Djebel Chaambi. Between these mountains and the sea lies a you will find a wide range of landscapes, including lush valleys and plateaus swept by the wind from the Tell Atlas.

  • The Atlas Mountains, Landscapes, Tunisia
    The Atlas Mountains

    The famous Atlas Mountains stretch for nearly 1,500 miles from Morocco to Algeria.

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  • The Atlas Mountains , The Tunisian Ridge , Tunisia
    The Tunisian Ridge

    On Tunisian territory, the highest summit of the Atlas Mountains peaks at 1,544 metres in Djebel Chambi.

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  • The Atlas Mountains , The Tunisian Mountain Range , Tunisia
    The Tunisian Mountain Range

    This mountain range gets its name from a Greek myth in which a giant called Atlas is ordered by Zeus to carry the sky.

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  • The Atlas Mountains , The Atlas Mountain Chain , Tunisia
    The Atlas Mountain Chain

    A hike in the Tunisian portion of the Atlas Mountains makes it possible to discover another facet of the country.

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  • The Atlas Mountains , Saharan Atlas , Tunisia
    Saharan Atlas

    The mountain range is divided into three parts, two of which are on Tunisian territory: the Saharan Atlas and the Tell Atlas.

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  • The Atlas Mountains , Mountains around Chebika , Tunisia
    Mountains around Chebika

    The Atlas abounds in oases like the one of Chebika, located at the foot of mountains.

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