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The south of the country is bordered by salt lakes known as chotts. The vast expanse stretching beyond the horizon is a very salty sea, the arid Chott el Djerid. The magic of the chott lies in its mirages. On the road linking Kebili to Tozeur, you will frequently catch a glimpse of an oasis that shifts further away as you move closer, or silhouettes depicting a Bedouin caravan.

  • Chotts, The Chotts, Landscapes, Tozeur, Tunisia

    Chotts are vast stretches of salt water found in southern Tunisia, and they are as impressing as they are entrancing.

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  • The Chotts , Tunisian Chott , Tunisia
    Tunisian Chott

    The word 'chott' comes from 'chatt' which in Arabic means 'bank'.

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  • The Chotts , A Tunisian chott , Tunisia
    A Tunisian chott

    The rare irregular rainfall feeds the chotts.

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  • The Chotts , Chotts , Tunisia

    Most of the chotts are found in southern Tunisia.

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  • The Chotts , Chott el Djerid , Tunisia
    Chott el Djerid

    Stretching nearly 2,000 square miles, el Djerid is the most famous of the Tunisian chotts as well as the most vast.

    MATTES Rene
  • A chott in Tunisia, The Chotts, Landscapes, Tozeur, Tunisia
    A chott in Tunisia

    Scenes from the film 'Star Wars' were filmed around Chott el-Djerid

    Antoine Lorgnier / EASYVOYAGE
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