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Chotts, The Chotts, Landscapes, Tozeur, Tunisia

Chotts are vast stretches of salt water found in southern Tunisia, and they are as impressing as they are entrancing.

Luca Mason / 123RF
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The Chotts Tunisia
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The Chotts

The south of the country is bordered by salt lakes known as chotts. The vast expanse stretching beyond the horizon is a very salty sea, the arid Chott el Djerid. The magic of the chott lies in its mirages. On the road linking Kebili to Tozeur, you will frequently catch a glimpse of an oasis that shifts further away as you move closer, or silhouettes depicting a Bedouin caravan.

The Chotts

The Chotts , Tunisian Chott , Tunisia
Tunisian Chott

The word 'chott' comes from 'chatt' which in Arabic means 'bank'.

The Chotts , A Tunisian chott , Tunisia
A Tunisian chott

The rare irregular rainfall feeds the chotts.

Letizia Giuffrida / 123RF
The Chotts , Chotts , Tunisia

Most of the chotts are found in southern Tunisia.

The Chotts , Chott el Djerid , Tunisia
Chott el Djerid

Stretching nearly 2,000 square miles, el Djerid is the most famous of the Tunisian chotts as well as the most vast.

A chott in Tunisia, The Chotts, Landscapes, Tozeur, Tunisia
A chott in Tunisia

Scenes from the film 'Star Wars' were filmed around Chott el-Djerid

Antoine Lorgnier / EASYVOYAGE
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