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Turkey is known for its blend of the west and the east. Discover the largest city, Istanbul, or even Turkey's capital, Ankara for some culture and history. Alternatively, there is the coastal resort of Bodrum if you're after some relaxation. The Turkish are a people of simple pleasures, such as family, food, music, football, and friendship. Join them by looking into your trip to Turkey and the following blogs could make a good point of departure.
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    Tarts in Turkey

    [ Tarts in Turkey ]

    by Alyson Tart
    Comments: Moving all the way from Texas to Turkey, the Tarts' lives are a daily adventure exploring Istanbul and the Turkish countryside.  Strong point: The travel ideas - Alyson's sense of adventure has taken her all over Turkey.
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    Ellen in Turkey

    [ Ellen in Turkey ]

    by Ellen
    Comments: Ellen's blog is mostly about living in Antalya and exploring the region, but also about travel to other destinations.  Strong point: Insider travel tips on the best things to see and do in Antalya.
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    Travel in Istanbul

    [ Travel in Istanbul ]

    by Alessandra
    Comments: Alessandra, who is originally from Rome, takes us through the sights and sounds of Istanbul, her favourite city in Europe.  Strong point: A personalised blog about Istanbul's attractions, streets and culture.
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    Turkey's For Life

    [ Turkey's For Life ]

    by Julia and Barry
    Comments: A blog about Fethiye in Turkey, including sections covering attractions, food, hotels, maps and photos.  Strong point: Julia and Barry are clearly very passionate about Fethiye.
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    Passion Taking Flight

    [ Passion Taking Flight ]

    by Moe
    Comments: This German-American expat shares her daily life and the culture in Istanbul.  Strong point: Her stunning landscape photography will make you want to book a flight
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