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  • Bodrum is home to many important archaelogical sites but its most famous is undoubtedly St Peter's Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century
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    St Peter's Castle

    Bodrum is home to many important archaelogical sites but its most famous is undoubtedly St Peter's Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Turkey

Moored at the hollow of a beautiful bay on the Aegean coast, Bodrum - formerly Halicarnassus - differs from the many resorts along the Turkish coast. Indeed, the one nicknamed "the Turkish St Tropez" offers a beautiful setting, a preserved architecture and a nightlife that sends locals and holidaymakers alike into a festive frenzy. Dominated by the magnificent castle of St Peter, the town has a typical Mediterranean charm: houses of whitewashed limestone façades, which disappear up the hillsides behind a beautiful marina and its forest of yacht masts. The city has nearly 25,000 inhabitants, but sees its population increase dramatically during the summer season. During the day, it shows its peaceful side, especially in the hottest hours of the afternoon. But it is only when the sun passes the horizon that suddenly it begins to show its other side : that of a true nocturnal animal. And during much of the night, the shops, bars, discotheques and restaurants remain open and do not empty.

Bodrum: what to do?

Bodrum has a large fleet of caics, traditional wooden sailing boats which, for the most part, are built in the surrounding shipyards. The port is an important basis for cruises during the week, but also for daily boat trips. The classic programme includes a tour to the Black Island and its hot springs, the fishing village of Ortakent, then a secluded cove for a mooring in the middle of turquoise water and a spot of lunch.

Three sites deserve your attention: the Castle of St Peter (and its Museum of Underwater Archaeology) , the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the Antique Theatre on the main road that joins Bodrum and Gumbet. The museum is home to shipwrecks from Greek, Phoenician and Roman times. Be aware that there is not much left of the famous Mausoleum (once considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world) except the remains of its foundations and a few fragments of marble. But the same goes for another tourist site, Myndos Gate, unfortunately there is not much left of it.

  • Well-preserved environment
  • Excellent entertainment options
  • Beautiful landscapes and coastline
  • A variety of hotels for all budgets.
  • The scarcity of real beaches.
  • Air services are conducted primarily by charter (at random times).

Bodrum: what to visit?


Places to go out at night are many, but the bulk of restaurants, bars and nightclubs are concentrated along the seafront, on the Eastern Bay (Cumhuriyet Street, right next to the castle). It is hard to recommend one particular address over another. You should know that the two most famous nightclubs, Catamaran and Halicarnassus are located at each end of the bay. Catamaran deserves a special mention, it is in fact a floating nightclub on a boat that leaves dock for a midnight cruise!

To avoid

If you prefer your peace and quiet, don't choose a hotel in the nightlife district as the Turkish like to party! And those karaoke parties will go all night long...

Bodrum: what to eat?

Good meals are had at reasonable prices here. The fish is excellent as is the berek and baklava, other famous Turkish specialties. Do not hesitate to try kebabs!

Bodrum: what to buy?

The lucky eye brings happiness and can be found in all Turkish homes. It watches over the home and protects it and its owner from bad energy. It exists in all different forms such as jewellery and decorative objects.

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