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Just look at that view!, Cappadocia, Landscapes, Kayseri, Turkey
Just look at that view!

Stunning and unique; the soaring rock formations of Cappadocia are natural wonders in Eastern Anatolia

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Cappadocia Turkey
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Cappadocia

Lying in the heart of Central Anatolia, the Cappadocia region is one of the unmissable stops on a trip to Turkey. Its very unusual geographical set-up has engendered a rather spectacular phenomenon: a rugged landscape with a near-lunar shape, a string of ravines, craters and outgrowths. Among the most prized attractions are the enchanting 'fairy chimneys', basalt cones capped with tuff that the wind, rain, and sand have patiently wrought. This country has also taken advantage of a fertile volcanic soil good for wine growing. Göreme Valley is dotted with homes and troglodyte churches in charming rocky villages, and you can enjoy the proverbial hospitality of the Turkish people and treat yourself to some of the best wine in the country.


Cappadocia , Cappadocia, a wine-producing region , Turkey
Cappadocia, a wine-producing region

The volcanic Cappadocia soil is very fertile

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Cappadocia , From another planet , Turkey
From another planet

The eerie lunar landscapes seem out of this world...

© Martin Siepmann/ age fotostock
Cappadocia , The Cappadocia terrain , Turkey
The Cappadocia terrain

Although the boundaries of the Cappadocia region are still pretty vague, the region is said to span some 5,790 mi˛.

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Cappadocia , Tours of the Cappadocia region , Turkey
Tours of the Cappadocia region

Most tour operators working with Turkey offer tours to give visitors the opportunity to explore the region.

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Cappadocia , Spectacular views , Turkey
Spectacular views

The landscapes of the Cappadocia region are the result of volcanic activity and erosion.

© Galyna Andrushko / 123RF
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