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Turkey : Discover the country's culture


The New Turkey: The Quiet Revolution on the Edge of Europe by C Morris (2006)


Turkey (Lonely Planet Country Guides) by J Bainbridge (2009)
The Rough Guide to Turkey by M Dubin and T Richardson (2010)


Turkish music is diverse, ranging from the typical Central Asian folk music to Anatolian rock to the more western-influenced pop music. Tarkan and Mustafa Sandal are probably the most famous Turkish popstars; Tarkan is best known for his worldwide hit 'Simarik' which was covered by many other artists in many different languages.

Turkey : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

1800BC to the 15th Century: After belonging successively to the Hittite, Persian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine empires, Turkey joined the Ottoman kingdom
1520-1566: Reign of Soliman the Magnificient who dominated the Arab world and Central Europe
17th Century: War against Russia
1853-56: Crimean War. Increasing influence of Europeans in Istanbul
1895: Armenian uprising and massacre
1914-1918: Turkey allies with Germany during The First World War
1918: The Ottoman Empire is defeated and occupied by the Allies
1920: Treaty of Sèvres. Smyrne is handed over to the Greeks
1923: The Republic is established. Mustapha Kemal is President - the westernisation of Turkey begins
1938: Death of Kemal; Ismet Inönü takes power
1952: Turkey joins NATO
1960-1966: Military takeover by General Gürsel
1980: Kurdish uprising and military coup by Kenan Evren
1983: Democratisation of Turkey
1989: Turgut Ozal becomes President
1993: Süleyman Demirel takes over presidency from Ozal
1996: The Islamists rule till 1998
1999:The arrest of Ocalan, leader of the Kurdish rebel movement
2000: Ahmet Necdet Sezer is elected President
2007: Abdullah Gül is elected President

Turkey : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1 January: New Year
23 April: National Sovereignty & Children's Day
1 May: May Day Public Holiday (Istanbul only) 19 May: Commemoration of Atatürk and Youth and Sports Day
July: International Jazz Festival in Istanbul
30 August: Ramazan Bayrami (End of Ramadan) and Victory Day

September-October: International Plastic Arts Biennial in Istanbul
29 October: Republic Day
20 December: Feast of Sacrifice

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