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By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

With its one million inhabitants, nine million annual tourists and its oppressing traffic, Antalya can be suffocating. Even so, there is a quiet district full of shady streets that is an ideal alternative when the days are hot: Kaleiçi. It consists of an old fortified town dominated by the minaret of the Yivli mosque, the oldest in the city. To enter, go through Hadrian's Gate where you can still see the traces dug by the chariots that supplied the city in the past. Here, a maze of streets leads to the city's marina.

The souk is of course one of the places that you have to visit. It is an ideal place for finding souvenirs, but watch out for counterfeits. There are many shops selling fake brand items. Even though the prices are really attractive, the fine you will have to pay if you get caught with any such items at customs may dissuade you!

Apart from these imitations, which incidentally are not always of a very good quality, you will find most of the traditional Turkish products, like tea, bitter orange, cherry and pomegranate jams and also embroidered fabrics, traditional dress, beauty products made with olive oil etc. In short, you could say that compulsive buyers will be delighted in Kaleiçi.

Aside from the commercial aspect of the souk, it is in this district that you will find the oldest houses in the city. The architecture of the houses, which resemble Roman villas, is actually something you can find throughout the Mediterranean. With their shaded patios and vegetation exuding the fresh scent of jasmine and mint, they are responsible for the city's charming essence.

The terraces that overlook the old port are amazing viewpoints where you can pleasantly linger and watch the incessant comings and goings of the boats traveling to the magnificent Karpuzkaldiran waterfall.



Weather Izmir-Kusadasi

These indicators are used as a set of criteria to predict overall weather conditions in Izmir-Kusadasi . The different indicators are there to help you prepare for your trip to Izmir-Kusadasi so you can make plans based on the weather forecast, whether it be a trip to the beach, walking, visiting attractions and museums or winter sports... Here you'll find a precise, overall weather score for each week in Izmir-Kusadasi , which takes into account temperature indicators, bad weather predictions, sunshine levels and wind speeds.

Weather July
Overall rating 87/100
  • Temperature indicators 82% Hot / Optimal

    The maximum temperature is <24°, temperature felt between 30°C and 33°C.

  • Bad weather indicators 100% Dry / Optimal

    Little or no rain (less than 1.5mm per day).

  • Sunbathing indicators 98% Sunny / Optimal

    Sunny (over 80% sunshine).

  • Swimming indicators 74% Wind

    High air temperature (>24°C), pleasant to high sea temperature (between 22°C and 24°C), moderate to strong winds (between 12 mph and 18 mph).

  • Wind indicators 74% Warm breeze

    Near optimal comfort: strong to moderate winds (between 12 mph and 18 mph) in a warm atmosphere (>24°C).

  • Humidity indicators 80% Comfortable

    Feeling of comfort due to ideal humidity levels.

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