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Vast forest lands cover Eastern Anatolia, the coast of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean coast. A range of fruit trees thrive in Turkey: date palms, apricots, cherries and apple trees. The country also produces bananas, citrus fruits, beetroot, sunflower, tobacco, and wine. Turkey is one of the leading producers of hazelnuts on the planet and also grows walnuts, pistachios and cotton. A vast territory, Turkey is rich in different types of vegetation varying from one region to another.

The Black Sea coast receives more rain and is therefore covered in dense forests, interspersed with fruit-tree and hazel-tree plantations. Further east, tea is grown, and in some areas, rice (tosya). The Anatolian plateau with its continental climate is covered by a steppe-like vegetation (speargrass, bulb plants, poplars, absinth and sagebrush). Meanwhile, on the Mediterranean coast, you can explore the dense Taurus forests with their layers of oaks, pines, yew and cedar trees.

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    Turkish dates

    Turkey is home to varied flora, and cultivates many plants including figs, almonds, dates and sour cherries

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    Turkish apples

    Turkey is the fourth biggest apple producer in the world

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    The combination of good soil and a good climate means that Turkey has perfect conditions to grow succulent che

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    Turkey (the Malatya region) is the world's leading apricot producer, especially for the sweet, whole dried apricots which are unique to this part of the world

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    Oludeniz Beach

    Like most of the Turkish coastline, Oludeniz Beach has a backdrop of flowery vegetation.

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    The Black Sea coast

    As this coastline has a rainy climate, it is covered with vast forests.

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