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Built between 1609 and 1616, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also called the Blue Mosque, due to the 20,000 blue earthenware tiles that were used in its construction. Thanks to its 260 windows, it is very luminous. This mosque is the only one in the world with six minarets. Legend has it that in order to have the greatest number, an additional one was added to the Kabba Mosque in Mecca (but its 7th minaret was actually built before the Blue Mosque). Its central dome is 45m high and has a diameter of 23.5m. The four pillars supporting it were made out of intricate marble, commonly known as "elephant legs". The mihrab is composed of five different types of marble so as to represent the five daily prayers.
The buildings that once surrounded the Blue Mosque no longer exist but the religious complex included a school, a public fountain and a hospice.

  • La Mosquée Bleue , Turkey
    The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

    The Sultan Ahmed Mosque owes its nickname to the 20,000 ceramic tiles it is composed of.

    © Juergen Schonnop
  • La Mosquée Bleue , Turkey
    An important building for Islam

    To set it apart from the other buildings in the city, seeing as it was the departure point for caravans of pilgrims heading to Mecca, the Blue Mosque was given six minarets.

    © Marco Toninelli / EASYVOYAGE
  • La Mosquée Bleue , Turkey
    The gallery on the 1st floor

    This is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the mosque. The walls covered in ceramic tiles, made in Iznik, depict the gardens of paradise.

    © MATTES Rene
  • La Mosquée Bleue , Turkey
    The central dome of the Blue Mosque

    All sorts of flowers are represented on the walls and the dome: carnations, hyacinths, roses, tulips, etc.

    © Emilie Jusot / EASYVOYAGE
  • La Mosquée Bleue , Turkey
    A majestic building

    The resplendent interior of the Blue Mosque, delicately decorated with floral motifs, is a treat for the eyes.

    © MATTES Rene
  • La Mosquée Bleue , Turkey
    The Blue Mosque at sunset

    The mosque is open every day from 8:30am until the last prayer of the evening.

    © epicstockmedia
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