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A patchwork of Mediterranean landscapes and Eastern steppes, Turkey is characterised by mountainous terrain. It is crisscrossed by lakes and rivers, flanked by antique and pastoral seaside resorts, and bolstered in the east by the Ararat volcano and in the centre by the Taurus mountain range. Lovers of the new and unusual will be enchanted by the Black Sea coast that stretches from Amasra to Trabzon.


Turkey boasts no less than 4971 miles of coast and beaches hugged by the waters of the Aegean, the Mediterranean, and the Black and Marmara Seas. Beach lovers will be in their element here on the wonderful beaches, turquoise lakes, coves and bays. The Amasra peninsula is definitely the most magnificent of all.

The fauna and flora

Turkey's rugged landscape and weather conditions have produced a vast diversity in the ecosystems, hence the richness of the flora and fauna. To preserve these assets and fight deforestation, the Turkish government has set up countless national, terrestrial and marine parks as well as biogenetic reserves.


In Turkey, the past thrives on the present. The country is overflowing with sites dating back to antiquity, especially along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Today, its past gives it an overwhelming charm. The most splendid relics are found in the Anatolian plateau region. This gigantic steppe, set between the Taurus and the Pontic mountain range to the north, is the cradle of the oldest civilisations on the globe. The Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, and other peoples have all left their footprints on this mythical land. The cultural heritage of the south-east of the Anatolian plateau invites visitors to discover ancient artwork, a collection of protected relics of another era.


The artisans of Turkey create a great number of beautiful handmade objects, such as the famous kilims with semi-precious stones and the equally famous loukoums. It won't be difficult to find souvenirs to bring back with you!

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