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Ukraine : Discover the country's culture


The novels of Tolstoy (The Cossacks, Sebastopol Sketches) are set in the Crimea.


Ukraine, Le Petit Futé.
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Traditional Ukranian music (Ethnic).
Prokofiev symphonies performed by the Ukranian National Symphony Orchestra.
Christmas in the Ukraine - the Odessa Choir of Ukranian Children. Editions Musidisc.

Ukraine : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

9th Century, Kiev is the centre of the first Russian state.
1240, Mongol invasion.
14th Century, dominance of Catholic Poland.
16th Century, the Cossaks repel the Tatars, and then become defenders of the peasants against the Polish.
1667, Russia wins the left bank of the Dniepr as well as the Kiev region. Subsequent to the splitting up of Poland at the end of the 17th Century, Russia also gained the largest part of the Western Ukraine.
1854, Crimean war and Allied siege of Sebastopol.
1917, October revolution, the Ukraine sees violent fighting between pro-independence Nationalists and pro-soviet Bolcheviks.
1921, a section of the Ukraine is split between Chechoslovakia, Romania and Poland. The section to the east of the Dniepr makes up the Ukranian Socialist Republic, which joined the USSR in 1922.
1933, collectivisation causes a terrible famine.
1941-1944, the territory is occupied by the German Army. The ensuing war takes 4 million lives.
1945 - the territory lost in 1921 is reintegrated to the USSR.
1947, Stalin orders the deportation of the Crimean Tatars to Siberia.
1954 - the Crimean region rejoins the Ukraine.
1986 - Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
1991 - the Ukraine declares its independence. Leonid Kravtchouk is elected president.
1994 - signing of an agreement with the USA and Russia. The Ukraine agrees to dispose of its nuclear weapons in exchange for American aid. Leonid Kouchma is elected president.
1996 - adoption of a new constitution and introduction of a new currency.
1997 - friendship agreement signed with Moscow, who obtain 83% of the Black Sea fleet, as well as the Ports of Sebastpol and Feodossia in exchange for debt anullment. The same year, the Ukraine signs a cooperation agreement with NATO.
November 1999, Leonid Kuchma is reelected.
November 2002, Viktor Yanukovych is named Prime Minister.
July 2004, Leonid Kuchma is elected president for the third time." "

Ukraine : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January 1st: New Year
2nd January: $$$next public holiday
8 janvier 2007 :$$$ Orthodox Christmas.
14 January: Orthodox New Year's Day.
8th March: International Women's Day.
6 April 2007: Good Friday
$$$8 April 2007;$$$ Orthodox Easter.
$$$9 April 2007:$$$ Easter Monday
26 April : Chernobyl rememberance day.
1st and 2nd May: Labour Day.
9th May: Anniversary of the 1945 victory
$$$27st May 2007:$$$ Pentecost
$$$28th May 2007:$$$ Pentecost Monday
28th June: Constitution day
24th August: Independence Day.

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