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Lviv (ou Lvov), Western capital of the Ukraine, is a very cosmopolitan city. Until 1939, Lviv avoided Moscow's control and was the centre of the rebirth of Ukranian nationalisim at the end of the 1980s. Bounced between various empires and European states (Polish, Prussian and Austrian), today the city is a real mixture of all central European architectural styles: rococo, Renaissance, gothic and baroque. The old town, surrounded by four large avenues, follows a medieval map, with large squares linked by narrow paved lanes. The Market square (plochtcha Rynok) is the heart of the old town, with beautiful stone building facades in a Renaissance style. Within the Old town, the History museum and the Museum of Art and artisanary are worth a visit. On Rosa Luxembourg square, the Catholic cathedral is the most precious monument to Lviv's gothic architecture. Nearby is the Bo´mi chapel, a richly decorated Renaissance building. The St George Cathedral, main church of the Catholic Uniate Rite, is a jewel in the crown of Baroque architecture. Its interior is resplendant in gold and pastel colours. Dormition church and the Dominican church which houses the museum of Religion and the museum of pharmacy are also worth seeing. 1.2 miles east of the city centre, in Chevtchenko park, is the museum of Architecture and tradition. The museum is made up of nearly one hundred wooden buildings - homage to the rural lifestyle of the Western Ukraine. Finally, we recommend going to the City Opera on Svobova Avenue - the interior decor is a rare beauty.

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