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The Crimea is a peninsula, linked to the main continent by a 2.5 mile wide land bridge. It enjoys a very pleasant mediterranean climate and luxurious vegitation (vines, cypress, jasmine, lavender and fruit trees). An independent republic in the heart of the Ukraine, the Crimean benefits from the country's best tourism infrastructure, as well as some beautiful beaches, making it a privileged location for Ukranian holiday makers. The Tsars of old Russia kept their summer residences here in the Crimea, and a number of Datchas were built here under the former Soviet Republic. In the past, the Crimea was predominantly populated by muslim Tatars. After being accused of collaboration by Stalin, the Tatars were deported en masse after the Second World War. Allowed to return in the 1990s, they now make up around 10% of the local population.

  • The Crimea , Crimea , Ukraine

    This Ukrainian peninsula has long been a popular tourist destination.

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