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Odessa is the largest city and the most important port in the whole of the Black Sea coast. It is the region's economic and cultural centre. With 1.2 million inhabitants, the city stretches along almost 30 miles of the bay that bears its name. It is a strange mixture of Industrial port and seaside resort. Over the summer season, from mid-June to the end of September, the port attracts a fair number of holiday-makers looking for sunshine. Odessa takes its name from an ancient Greek colony, Odessos. Aware of the Port's strategic importance within the Black Sea, Queen Catherine of Russia built a maritime port there in 1794. Cosmopolitan, and run by a noble frenchman (The Duke of Richelieu), the city became famed for its freedom of spirit and for being a gateway to the West. It was the scene for the bloody events of the 1905 revolution, with the Potemkine Battleship mutiny. Access to the famous Potemkin stair on the Prymorsky boulevard is via the Port, where Eisensetein filmed the famous scene of a cradle hurtling down the 192 steps. The Prymorsky boulevard offers a fantastic view over the port and over the sea. Further south, on Lastotchkine Street, is the impressive Opera building, combining baroque and renaissance styles. The city's main street, Deribassivka St, is very pleasant due to its atmosphere and various buildings. In the town centre, seven museums built in the 19th century bear witness to the city's cultural tradition. We particularly reccommend the Archeological museum, displaying interesting artefacts from the Black Sea civilisations. To the North-West of Odessa, near the village of Neroubaļskoļe, a veritable labyrinth of underground catacoumbs carved into the sandstone are well worth a visit. Odessa also offers some 25 miles of beaches stretching along the coast of the Black Sea, as well as hot springs and mud baths.

  • The Odessa Port , Odessa Port , Ukraine
    Odessa Port

    Odessa is full of history, and is a must-see stopover for all cinema buffs, budding historians, and anyone interested in architecture.

  • The Odessa Port , Ukraine
    The Odessa Port
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  • The Odessa Port , Ukraine
    The Odessa Port
  • The Odessa Port , Ukraine
    The Odessa Port
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