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After Russia, the Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, just bigger than France. The Ukraine is bordered by Russia to the East, Belarussia to the North, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova to the West, and to the South opens on to the banks of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. The country is made up of steppe plains interspersed with forests, plains and two mountainous massifs, Carpatian to the West and the Crimean mountain range to the South.


The Ukraine is bordered by the landlocked Black Sea and the Crimean Peninsula stretches out into it. The landscapes along these 1,727 miles of coastlines vary greatly depending on where you are. Crimea is known for its beaches and is the Ukrainian Riviera. Lots of young people from around the country come here every summer in search of the Mediterranean climate that it affords. There are even those from Russia who come here to enjoy the summer atmosphere. The city of Yalta is the main seaside resort on this coast. It became a known place in February 1945 when Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt met here to work out the details of the end of the war. Today it is a peaceful city, just like Odessa, another city located on the coast further to the north. This port city is one of the country's main economic centres.

The fauna

Nature covers the majority of the 231,600 mi² that make up the Ukraine's surface area. Be it in the forests or the Steppes, hundreds of species live in the environment outside of the cities, such as beavers, deer, wolves and wild boars. It is also possible to see large birds of prey, such as the Eurasian black vulture and the Steppe eagle. Finally, the rivers and the Black Sea bordering the south of the country are full of fish. Calling all fishermen!

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