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    The Channel Islands
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It is a mixture of city and countryside, nature that entwines with gardens, roads crossing heath where you will meet more hikers and bikers than cars. The Channel Islands are faithful to their image of protected archipelago.


The Channel Islands have about 125 miles of coast of which a little more than a third of them are beaches. But you will have to be careful of currents and do not swim outside of authorised areas because the archipelago is relatively exposed to tide flows from the Mt. Saint-Michel Bay.

The fauna and flora

The archipelago is sunny and as soon as spring arrives, nature adorns itself in her loveliest attire. It is, in fact, the best season to fully appreciate the flower gardens and the wild vegetation on the seafront really enhances it. Along the neat roads, house owners have planted rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and sometimes magnolias and palm trees. The roads are enjoyable by foot or by bicycle, up to the edges of the cliffs covered with arborescent heathers and ferns. Let's add to this particularly privileged natural setting a few protected sites favourable to the observation of rare species.

Activities and leisure

On these islands, you can do almost anything: from seafront leisure activities (there are 27 beaches in Jersey), water sports, diving, sand-yachting or even underwater cycling (races in September in Guernsey). Many activities on the ground also: hikes (several hiking festivals in Jersey and Guernsey), balneotherapy and discovery of local traditions during festivities (Halloween, Tennerfest, Christmas market).


It is fairly easy in these islands that are not fully French nor English. Administration from the medieval times, a local dialect that is still spoken, food recipes from past centuries, renovated farms that have been transformed into cottages... It's a journey back in time.

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