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Those who visit Alaska are guaranteed to become intimately acquainted with nature. Once outside of the cities, which themselves are often immersed in a particularly green environment, it is easy to find well-preserved areas.

Some choose to trek through the mountains or wander through the forests. Others race to the seafront to admire the magnificent views. During these excursions in the great outdoors, you will sometimes come across large mammals that inhabit Alaska, such as grizzly bears, wolves, musk oxen and reindeers.

In short, a trip to Alaska is an intense adventure that you should fully take advantage of as soon as you have the chance.

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In Alaska, the landscapes are usually magnificent. The untamed look of the region makes you feel as if you are at the end of the world. With its forests, parks and rivers, Alaska is a state where this unspoiled nature is ideal for many sports activities, such as canoeing and hiking. Make the most of it! Go on an adventure in this unique environment that has not yet been completely taken over by humans.


Alaska is mainly bordered by the cold seas of the North Pacific. At its furthest point, you can even see the Bering Strait, the last frontier before Russia. The state's coastline is often jagged and there are thousands of islands and islets scattered beyond the continental coasts. As in Norway, there are beautiful fjords where the sea meets the land. Other protected sites have made it possible to build ports. There are many towns and villages along the coastline thanks to their fishing activities.

The fauna

The fauna in Alaska is particularly protected. The state has established eight large parks. In these parks, it is hard not to come across one of the 35,000 grizzly bears nicknamed the "lords of Alaska" that inhabit the forests. Likewise, you will also come across reindeer and musk oxen. Golden Eagles dominate the skies while whales take over the waters, where you can also find many killers whales and walruses.

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