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Best travel blogs United States of America

Home to one of our favourite cities in the world as well as a whole host of other metropolises and stunning landscapes, the United States has absolutely everything making it the ultimate destination. Nobody loves to write about the States as much as their own people so here are some blogs written by people on the ground and in the know. Take a deep breath and dive in
  • Food
    Serious Eats

    [ Serious Eats ]

    by Various authors
    Comments: A fantastic NY/Chicago foodie's blog with restaurant reviews, hot tips and best of lists on just about everything from cauliflower dishes to cupcakes  Strong point: Updated several times a day so you can be completely up to date
  • Cities
    Daily Candy

    [ Daily Candy ]

    by Various authors
    Comments: A wide-ranging, comprehensive blog covering all the major cities in the US in terms of fashion, what's on, food and drink and travel  Strong point: A wealth of information with great writing and good photography
  • Explore

    [ Globomaestro ]

    by Several authors
    Comments: An aesthetically pleasing site with great photography and insider tips from staff working at top hotels in NY, Miami, San Francisco and Santa Monica  Strong point: Videos from the authors on everything from art to fashion to coffee
  • Photos
    Sivan Askayo

    [ Sivan Askayo ]

    by Sivan Askayo
    Comments: This NYC-based travel photographer and writer has an artistic eye that can capture any skyline or side street. You'll feel like you're there.  Strong point: Her photography is always original, distinct, and vibrant.
  • Culture
    Sweeney Says

    [ Sweeney Says ]

    by Nicole Sweeney
    Comments: This internet addict has a passion for French croissants and U.S. road trips. Read all her amusing anecdotes about her grad school stint in Paris.  Strong point: Her reviews of pop culture, internet technology, and French travel.
  • Cities
    Let Love Guide

    [ Let Love Guide ]

    by Bridgette
    Comments: This Southern gal has headed North to take on NYC. She blogs about her favourite New York places, and her effortlessly chic life.  Strong point: Ideas for young professionals who want to have fun and explore the city.
  • Food
    Camille's Dish

    [ Camille's Dish ]

    by Camille Parker
    Comments: This restaurant chef lived in Italy and worked for Mario Batali! Check her out for tons of tips for the Chicago food scene and delicious recipes.  Strong point: Her NBC Non-Stop "Foodies" show takes you behind the scenes!
  • Food
    The Ghost Guest

    [ The Ghost Guest ]

    by Amanda Topper
    Comments: This Chicago native shows you the best restaurants to try in the Windy City. Her selection of restaurants will make your mouth water.  Strong point: Each review is honest, detailed, and illustrated with delicious photos.
  • Explore
    View from the Pier

    [ View from the Pier ]

    by Meg Pier
    Comments: Based in Boston, this world traveller left a corporate life to follow her bliss and explore the world. Her posts from all over will inspire you.  Strong point: Her Peer to Pier interviews introduce other fascinating travellers.
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