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The fauna and flora

California has lots of natural parks offering the opportunity to learn about the thrilling lives of black bears, condors, wolves, deer, squirrels, and pumas... Visitors who are more interested in plants may be interested to know that the California state tree is the California Redwood, which is one of the species that grows in the Sequoia National Park. It is also possible to admire the bristlecone pines, which are the oldest trees alive. The flora in this state has adapted to resist extreme temperatures.

Arts and culture

California is not really known as a cultural or artistic destination but you can nevertheless satisfy your thirst for art by learning about the culture of this region that is so symbolic of the United States. The big 1950's Californian villas in Palm Springs should offer plenty of food for thought for architecture enthusiasts. San Francisco is a city that is well known for attracting European visitors. Distinctive houses, a large number of museums, its hippy, gay, and Chinese neighbourhoods: all of this contributes to the flourishing culture and ambience of this very appealing city. Meanwhile, Los Angeles, the other big city in California, is the Mecca of the state that is rooted in the American way of life. The city is an interesting place to explore out of curiosity. California has also given the world music like West Coast Rap/Hip-Hop, jazz, and surf music.

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