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Florida : Discover the country's culture


L'Ouest-Americain ( Western America )Pascale Desclos, pictures of Patrick Frilet. Coll. GEO Partance. Ed. EDL. Release date: October 2004: This piece of work is a journey into the land of the cow-boys and Indians; it outlines the National Parks (including the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell) as well as the history of the United States : return to the Anasazis Indians, ancestors of the actual Navajos, and their cavemen villages, but also to the everyday life of the Navajos, the Hopies (maize tillers), the Hispanic celebrations of New Mexico, and the mining villages of the gold rush in California.

The San Francisco Chronicle, Armistead Maupin.
The Los Angeles Chronicles, Annette Lvy-Willard.

DVD Guides (released in 2004).This film presents the city by foot, in "cable car", the Bay area, the neighbourhoods, the different ethnic groups, and the tourist sites.


Driving the Pacific Coast
California Guide Book. Kathy Strong. Insiders' Guide

America's Byways
The West Coast Guide Book. Pam Mourouzis. Mobil Travel Guide.


L.A. Woman, The Doors.

Florida : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

Before 1542, California had been populated by American Indians for 10000 years. No written trace left.
In 1542, the "discovery" of California and the exploration of its coast by the Portuguese navigator Juan Cabrillo.
In 1769, beginning of the Spanish expansion in California, founding of the first missions.
They will spread, over half a century, from San Diego in the South, to San Francisco, in the North.
In 1775, Monterey becomes California's capital.
In 1776, US declaration of independence.
In 1781, founding of Los Angeles.
In 1821, Mexico's independence. A year later, numerous Mexican settlers move to California.
In 1846, launching of the US-Mexican war. Insurrectionary movements held in California by American settlers against the Mexican government.
In 1848, Mexico is defeated, treaty of Guadalupe brings an official end to the war. California becomes an American territory. That same year, trigger of the Gold Rush.
September 9, 1850, California becomes the 31st State of the Union
In 1854, Sacramento becomes California's new capital.
In 1856, fist railroad in California.
In 1869, first East-West railroad connection.
In 1902, first film viewings, in Los Angeles.
In 1906, earthquake and fire in San Francisco.
In 1915, The Birth of a Nation, from D.W.Griffith, first blockbuster in the American cinema industry.
In 1932, Los Angeles Olympic Games.
In 1937, foundation of the Golden State Bridge, in San Francisco.
In 1965, race riots in Los Angeles.
In 1967, "Summer of Love", in San Francisco, peak of the hippie movement.
In 1976, former actor Ronald Reagan becomes governor of the State of California.
In 1984, Olympic Games, in Los Angeles.
In 1989, earthquake, in San Francisco.
In 1992, race riots in Los Angeles: 51 deaths.
In 1994, earthquake, in Los Angeles.
January 2001, George W Bush (Republican) is elected President of the United States.
October 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican) is elected Governor of California.
November 2004: George W.Bush is re-elected over John Kerry (Democrat, Massachusetts Senator).
November 2008: Democrat Barack Obama becomes the first black president of the United States, defeating the Republican John McCain.

Florida : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


Parade in Pasadena.
January 22
Chinese New Year in San Francisco.
March 13, 2004
Catalina marathon.
March 17
Saint Patrick's Day (Irish celebration, parades).
From March 13 to April 25
Bay Area Music Festival in San Francisco.
From April 15 to 29
International Film Festival of San Francisco.
May 7 and 8
Cinco de Mayo (Mexican celebration) in all the big cities.
May 19 to 21
Spring Village Fair (street celebration in all California).
May 30
San Francisco Carnival.
June 26-27
Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco.
4th of July
Independence Day (National Day).
California State Fair in Sacramento.
Sea Festival in Long Beach.
Lake Tahoe Starlight Jazz Festival.
Monterey Jazz Festival.
Los Angeles Country Fair.
Columbus Day (commemoration, in San Francisco usually, of the discovery of America).
Thanksgiving Day (last Thursday in November).
Music Festival in Death Valley.
Annual Winterfest Festival in the "Danish" city of Solvang.
Many celebrations for Christmas, such as the Christmas demonstration on the Prado in San Diego.

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