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Future World United States of America
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Future World

At Epcot, discover Future World and the wonders of space exploration, in the huge pavilions.

Future World

Future World , United States of America
Epcot, Future World

Future World, an attraction at the Epcot theme park, gives a historic and technological overview of our societies.

Songquan Deng
Future World , United States of America
Test Track, Epcot

Test Track is an attraction that allows visitors to drive racing cars, making it the fastest attraction in the Disney parks.

Sally Kuyper / 123RF
Future World , United States of America
View of the Epcot theme park from its lake

Epcot theme park is divided in two: Future World on one side and World Showcase on the other. The park's attractions are designed to be educational.

Songquan Deng
Future World , United States of America
Mission Space, Future World

Mission Space at Future World is an attraction that recreates the phenomenon of weightlessness felt by astronauts during a rocket launch.

Gina Pricope / 123RF
Future World , United States of America
Spaceship Earth

This 18-storey geodesic sphere looks back over the history of human communication from Prehistory to today.

Gina Pricope / 123RF
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