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Midwestern USA, United States of America
Midwestern USA
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Things to see in Midwestern USA
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

The Midwest is one of the most dynamic regions of the US. The scenery in the Great Lakes region is stunning all year round. Route 66 promises a journey full of discoveries and memories. The legendary dishes served in the steakhouses on the roadside. Cross a dozen states and take in the magic of each one. The many national parks in the north and central regions of the US, whose goal is to preserve the nature and wildlife, and which provide a wealth of well-maintained hiking and cycling trails to choose from. Get ready for a complete change of scenery, with a trip to Mount Rushmore and a visit to the Harley-Davidson museum. On the road again!


The Midwest consists largely of great plains, which is perfect for the buffalo. Huge cornfields are also found in the region and make up part of the the American Corn Belt. And of course there are the Great Lakes, the huge inland seas that are great for surfing.

The fauna and flora

The biggest attraction in the Midwest is the buffalo, an emblem of the United States, but you can also see eagles, bobcats and other animals. As for the flora, you'll find the great western prairies and the dense forests that surround the Great Lakes in the Midwest.

Arts and culture

The Midwest is a cultural crossroads. The big cities like Chicago and Detroit are a mix of different origins and lifestyles from diverse backgrounds, and the populations of the region itself are widely varied. You might even meet an Amish family or an amateur rapper during your stay.