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There are several good reasons to visit this effervescent region in the northeast of the United States. It is home to some famous monuments, such as the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C and the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. Plus, the states along the Canadian border, such as Vermont and Maine, are full of exceptional scenery, comprised of maple and coniferous forests, the extensive Appalachian Mountains and the extensive Atlantic Coast. Finally, fans of winter sports will be overjoyed with the slopes in Vermont, while those who prefer the great outdoors in the summer can go camping or on bike rides.

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    Northeastern USA
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America's original 13 colonies are all found in the northeastern United States. Thus, the monuments you can see here represent the history of this part of the country. They are mostly situated in Washington D.C, the capital of the USA and home of the American presidents.


With millions of consumers, big money and a hyper-consumption society, New York is a veritable shopping paradise. It would be impossible to list all of the commercial districts given the countless different shops in the city, from little second-hand clothes stores to huge shopping malls. There really is an impressive choice, from the designer stores on 5th Avenue, to the independent specialist shops in Greenwich Village, the fashionable shopping malls in Soho, to the colourful Chinatown, and of course the classic 'temples' that are Macy's and Bloomingdales.

Arts and culture

New York's pronounced taste for materialism and money should not overshadow its cultural dimension. More than any other American city, the Big Apple places an emphasis on the arts and knowledge. It has some of the richest museums on the planet in terms of valuable art, and you really ought to see at least the most famous ones.

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