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Sanibel and Captiva United States of America
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Sanibel and Captiva

Linked to Fort Myers by a 3 mile road, the Sanibel and Captiva islands have a collection of beautiful sand beaches and infinite shells. Not much frequented, the islands have kept their beauty thanks to landscapes that are still untouched, and to the peace found on the islands. Alligators, herons and egrets have found their habitat here. In Sanibel, there are some interesting visits to be done such as the 1884 lighthouse, the Matthews Shell Museum, the History Museum, Tarpon Bay Park (where you can rent kayaks and canoes) and the JN National Reserve (with car, boat, tramway and walking tours). Captiva offers two well equipped seaside resorts and numerous art galleries.

Sanibel and Captiva

Sanibel and Captiva , Sanibel Island , United States of America
Sanibel Island

Sanibel is the "paradise" island which gave its name to the famous song sung by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

William Silver / 123RF
Sanibel and Captiva , A pod of pelicans, Florida , United States of America
A pod of pelicans, Florida

The white American pelican is a species native to the New World and is a very common sight along the east coast of the United States.

Tania And Jim Thomson / 123RF
Sanibel and Captiva , Bird watching on Sanibel and Captiva islands , United States of America
Bird watching on Sanibel and Captiva islands

Sanibel and Captiva are very popular with bird watching enthusiasts due to the large number of species present here.

Brian Lasenby / 123RF
Sanibel and Captiva , An eagle's nest , United States of America
An eagle's nest

Although you do need a lot of patience for bird watching, one single sighting can sometimes make up for a long wait.

Tania And Jim Thomson / 123RF
Sanibel and Captiva , Sanibel and Captiva, the beaches , United States of America
Sanibel and Captiva, the beaches

The islands are home to many well-equipped beaches ideal for families.

Chad McDermott / 123RF
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