Things to see in Western USA

Those in search of an adventure should begin in the State of Washington and head towards the Canadian border to discover volcanoes, forests and waterfalls. A little further away, make a quick detour to visit Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Prismatic Spring, famous for its amazing colours. After that, head for the authentic cities of Wyoming, where you can enjoy buffalo meat while taking in the typical Far West atmosphere. Finally, towards Arizona and Utah, the landscapes turn a red colour before you finally reach the Grand Canyon. This incredible route ends in New Mexico, where you can savour the Hispanic flavours of the cuisine and admire the authentic troglodyte houses built by the locals to escape the heat in the summer.

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    Western USA
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Arts and culture

Pueblos, Hopis, Zunis, Apaches, Navajos, Shoshones, Arapahos... It is in this part of the United States that Indian cultures managed to survive the longest.

Activities and leisure

The US offers an whole range of activities that help bring visitors closer to nature. Some of the most popular include camping, hiking along trails in the fantastic natural surroundings and surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

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