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Lovers of wide open space will enjoy, for example, the splendid Mojave desert, the surroundings of Palm Springs or the spectacular dizzy heights of the Death Valley. Avoid exploring the Valley during summer, because temperatures can rise up to 50 °C. Fill your car tank at the parking area and buy some water before launching yourself into the 155 miles of desert. One of the most interesting parts of the Valley is Bad Water: 86 meters below the sea level, it is the lowest point on the American continent. It is partly filled with briny water.

  • Wide open spaces , Death Valley, California , United States of America
    Death Valley, California

    Death Valley is a national park located in eastern California.

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  • Wide open spaces , Yosemite Park in California , United States of America
    Yosemite Park in California

    Yosemite Park is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains; it is particularly famous for its waterfalls and rocky landscapes.

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  • Wide open spaces , California's green stretches , United States of America
    California's green stretches

    Once past the large cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, California reveals natural regions that have remained untouched.

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  • Wide open spaces , The Pacific Coast , United States of America
    The Pacific Coast

    California's West Coast abounds with unspoilt nature which results in impressive landscapes.

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  • Wide open spaces , The Pacific Coast , United States of America
    The Pacific Coast

    State Route 1, often called Highway 1, crosses most of California's Pacific Coast.

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  • Wide open spaces , California Coast Ranges , United States of America
    California Coast Ranges

    The California Coast Ranges are the mountains that stretch along California's coast.

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