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Uruguay : Discover the country's culture


'Quien de nosotros?' by Mario Benedetti
'La Tregua' by Mario Benedetti
'Gracias por el fuego' by Mario Benedetti
'Las venas abiertas de América Latina' by Eduardo Galeano.


CDs by Jorge Drexler
Candombe I and II
Antologia del Candombe

Uruguay : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

1516: Discovery of the Rio de la Plata by Juan Diaz de Solis (the only inhabitants were the Charruas).
1807: English occupation of Montevideo.
1813: Government under the instruction of José Artigas.
1821: Uruguay annexed by Brazil.
1828: Independence from the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.
1830: First constitution and Fructoso Rivera's presidency.
1843-1852: The great war.
1875-1880: General Latorre's military dictatorship.
1880: Vidal takes power.
1903: Presidency of José Batlle y Ordonez who organised numerous social and economic reforms.
1911: Reelection of Batlle.
1931: Election of Gabriel Terra.
1938: Baldomir presidency.
1943: Amézaga presidency.
1967: Election of Pacheco.
1971: Bordaberry takes power and begins to instigate a dictatorship.
1976: Deposition of Bordaberry. Armed forces take power.
1985: Julio Maria Sanguinetti is elected president until democracy is restored in 1990.
1990: Luis Alberto Lacalle takes presidency until 1995.
1995: Julio Maria Sanguinetti is elected president until 2000.
01 mars 2000: Jorge Batlle elected President.
31st October 2004: Election of the first left-leaning president in five years, Monsieur Tabare Vazquez (from the Frente Amplio party).
March 2005: Inauguration of the new Leftist president (the first since the country's creation in 1828): Tabare Vazquez

Uruguay : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1 January: New Year's Day.
January 6th: Children's Day.
23rd and 24th Feburary: Carnival Day.
19 April: Celebration of the landing of the 33 Orientals.
1 May: Labour Day.
18th May: Celebration of the Battle of Las Piedras.
19th June: Jose Artigas' Birthday.
18th July: Constitution Day.
25 August: Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
12th October: Anniversary of the discovery of the Americas.
2nd November: Day of the dead.
25th December: Christmas Day.

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