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Uruguay is a country full of undulating hills bordered by the Atlantic and the Plata and Uruguay rivers. Inland, the landscape is very rural, punctuated by areas that could become places to stay, staying round here would be a good way to discover a very "gaucho" lifestyle. Toward the centre of the country, the Durazno region displays vines and orchards, citrus fruits and olive trees. Heading north towards the border with Brazil, the landscape changes to one of a savannah.

  • Rural zones, the Savannah , Rural areas, the Savannah , Uruguay
    Rural areas, the Savannah

    A typical ranch in Uruguay.

    Howard Harbach
  • Rural zones, the Savannah , One of the horse's original playing fields , Uruguay
    One of the horse's original playing fields

    These horses carry gauchos across the Uruguayan pampa.

    Kobby Dagan / age fotostock
  • Rural zones, the Savannah , Wild areas , Uruguay
    Wild areas

    Travelling through Uruguay, you can take in the immensely wild landscapes.

    Alexander Thomas / age fotostock
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    Colonia del Sacramento
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