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Venezuela : Discover the country's culture


Texts by Frederick Loew, photographs by Gilles Santantonio. A female pilot, the only one to the south of the Orinocco, will guide you to the Llanos plains, or Mount Tepy Kukenan, rising 8858 ft above the jungle. In aeriel view, discover the variety of territories present in Venezuela.

Media 9, coll. DVD Guides " Vietnam, du Tonkin la Cochinchine ", by Pierre Brouwers. 2003 Edition. This 52 minute film shows the country from tourism, geographic, cultural, historic and economic angles. The DVD also exists as part of the Prestge collection.





"Bandolas du Venezuela" (Dorian).
"El Condor Pasa" (Macady).
"Folk music from Venezuela" (Arc Music).
Listen to Radio Latina (99FM).

Venezuela : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

In 1498, Christopher Colombo first discovered Venezuela.
16th to 18th centuries - colonisation by the Spanish. The country is attached to the viceroy of Peru, then to New Granada.
1811-1814 first revolutions and brief independance.
1821-1830 Bolivar organises the Federation of Greater Columbia (Columbia, Venezuela, Equator), which only lasts a decade.
1830 - beginning of dictatorships, interrupted by coups d'Etat and brief periods of democracy.
1900-1920 discovery and beginning of extraction of oil in the Maracaibo region. Economic flourishing and a sucession of new military dictatorships.
1958 - people's uprising and return to democracy.
1975, nationalisation of oil, becomes that was one of the founding members of OPEC.
1989 : strict measures and violent demonstrations by the people.
1992, attempts at coups d'Etat. These are followed by political crises and periods of economic stabilisation with a reasonable degree of sucess.
1998, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez is elected President.
December 1999, serious flooding in the north of the country takes many lives.
2004, Hugo Chavez wins the referendum on his remaining in power. In a declaration said to be "from St. Domingo", nine Latin-American presidents stated their support for Chavez.

Venezuela : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1st January.
New Year.
San Cristobal.
Feria de la Divina Pastora in Barquisimeto.
6-7 March.
21- 24 April.
1st May.
Labour Day.
Folklore festival Cruz de Mayo in Cumana.
24 June.
Anniversary of the battle of Carabobo.
Drum festival in coastal villages
5 July.
Independence day. Parades and public ceremonies
24th July.
Anniversary of the birth of Simon Bolivar.
4th September.
Public holiday for civil servants.
12 October.
Dia de la Raza. Grand pilgramage to Sorte, near Chivacoa.
24-25 December.

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