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The great savannah and marecages plains stretching over the centre of the country hold a special place within Venezuelan mythology. These are the strongold of the Llaneros, shepherds known for their bravery and ruggedness equal to that of the Argentinan gauchos or the Far Western Cowboys. The great stretches of the Llanos also house a rich fauna of birds, jaguars and crocodiles. Go and visit the region of San Fernando de Apure, then go on to camp in the Cinaruco-Capanapro national park, or go to the south of Mantecal to Hato Dona Barbara, an old-style ranch at which you can happily share the life of the Llaneros. From here you can also go horseback riding at the end of the day to better discover the wildlife.

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    The Llanos plains

    The marshes and plains of Llanos are perfect for horse-riding. Be careful all the same of these deceptively calm marshes... Crocodiles are on the prowl.

    Patrick de Wilde
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Venezuela

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