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The Gran Sabana plateau, known as "El Mundo Perdito", is the largest plateau in Venezuela. Situated to the South-East of the country, its average altitude is 3280 ft. It is without doubt the most fabulous region in the country, sprinkled with strange mountains with abrupt rock faces and flat summits and Tepuis, sandstone formations formed nearly two billion years ago. In his book "The Lost World", Conan Doyle imagined that these massifs, normally covered in thick fog, were home to the last dinosaurs as well as monkey-men, fantasy illustrations of the "missing link". The highest Tepui, Roraima, peaks at 9219 ft. One of the largest natural parks on the planet, the Canaima National Park was built on the plateau at the confluence of Carra and Hacha. More than 500 varieities of orchids have been catalogued in the park's tropical forest. Various encampments (Campo Canaima, Campo Ucaima and Kavak) work as base camps to explore this luxurious vegetation, interspersed with waterfalls and canyons. It is also here, at the heart of this park, at the summet of a tepui, that the impressive Salto del Angel (Angel Falls) begins, the largest waterfall in the world. The region has abundant water reserves, as the layers of cloud covering the summit of the tepuis empty out deluges of water that cascade down and feed the river system that runs through the Orinoco, in the centre of the Guayana region.

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    The Guyana Shield

    The highest waterfall on earth (979m) is located in a surreal setting of plateaux and sheer cliffs shrouded in mist.

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