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Hoi An
Uwe Bauch / age fotostock
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Hoi An

By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

Ho An (22 miles to the south of Da Nang) is today a small, calm port, but has a rich past. From the end of the 15th century, the Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Dutch, Portugese and French set up trading posts here. By walking down Tran-Phu street, the main street, or Bach-Dang street alongside the river, you come to appreciate the charm held by this small city that has maintained a first class architectural heritage. Here you'll find homes of merchants and well-known people, colonial houses, pagodas, temples... and a covered Japanese bridge dating from 1593.

To see

The covered Japanese bridge of Hoi An is not to be missed. Built in 1593 by the Japanese community of Hoi An on Thu Bon river, it has hardly been altered since. The two monkeys and two dogs, which can be seen on either side of the bridge, indicate that construction began in the year of the monkey and ended in the year of the dog. A chapel, pagodas, ancient residences and temples offer a good insight into the history of the place.

To do

Rent a bicycle and ride around the city and the island of Cam Nam. Set out to explore the island of Cam Kim, which can be reached by ferry.
Visit the many houses that date from the 18th and 19th centuries, and which testify to the Chinese and Japanese presence at this time. We particularly recommend the Phung Hung and Tan Ky houses.
Take a trip to the Cham Islands, 18 miles off the coast of Hoi An. These islands are a paradise for those who love scuba diving and observing the fauna and flora.
Set off early in the morning to discover the site of My Son.


  • +  The charm of Hoi An
  • +  The peaceful coastal beaches


  • -  The excessive number of shops

To think about

In Hoi An you can buy a ticket that provides access to 5 sites in the city (available at the tourist office). You will also receive a map of the city at the same time.
Don't forget to take your shoes off before entering a place of worship.

To try

The vu nang and vu xao shellfish, specialities of the Cham Islands, just off the coast of Hoi An, and fish and vegetable pancakes.

To bring back

You can have clothes made for you by a tailor (the jackets are nice and modern), so don't forget to bring an item of clothing with you that fits perfectly to serve as a template. Shoes, scarves, stoles and other fabrics, as well as fabric lanterns, of course, are specialities of Hoi An. Given the number of shops, there is a wide choice.
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