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The mountains Yemen
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The mountains

Mountains are often sublime, particularly in the former Northen Yemen and in the Sanaa region. The steep mountains are sculpted where possible to allow terraced crops around the villages perching in the mountains. Up to 4920 ft, grains, wheat, maize and sorgho are grown. Above this altitude, the main crop is qat, grown with extreme care. Bearing in mind the daily profit that this crop represents, it has replaced the traditonal growing of coffee. Keep an eye on the traffic of Toyotas and Land Rovers on their way to take deliveries of this precious merchandise, taking it down to the Capital's markets or any of the other town markets. Elsewhere, the mountains are totally arid. Villages made of Adobe with flat roofs still survive there however, living on the raising of sheep and goats. Amongst these villages, some are totally deserted and are worth visiting to see times gone by. Sometimes a planted oasis offers a deep green patch. The desert is magical and Bedouins, who have now become tourist drivers, deliver shopping across the dunes.

The mountains

The mountains , Yémen

The one-time capital of the high plateaus clings to the side of a basaltic mountain and is a superb example of scenery that has been incorporated into the landscape.

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The mountains , Yémen
The valley of Bokour

There are verdant terraces at the bottom of this valley which only retain the water they require.

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The mountains , Yémen
Bokour Rock

From this rock you can have a magnificent view over the lush green terraces on the plateau 600 metres below, which is good to know if have a fear of heights!

© Easyvoyage.com
The mountains , Yémen
Fog over the mountain village of Al Hajjara

The historic village of Al Hajjara stands on a mountain summit that is often shrouded in a cloud of fog. A market used to be held here on the road to Sana'a.

© Easyvoyage.com
The mountains , Yémen
On the road to the village of Zacatin

Nestled on the skirts of the Bokour plateau, the old village of Zacatin overlooks the verdant plains of Hababa and Shibam.

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