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The Wadi Hadramaout valley is the most fascinating region to visit. Forbidden during the South Yemen period, it is now open to tourism, particularly thanks to Chibam, the Manhattan-city classed as a Unesco world heritage site. We would willingly climb the oppposite mountain to watch the sun set over the town's 500 buildings, 5 or 7 storeys high (all buildt around the 16th century) and the dried wadi where young people play football.

  • The Wadi Hadramaout valley , The Wadi Hadramaout valley. , Yémen
    The Wadi Hadramaout valley.

    Once part of the myrrh and incense trade routes, the Wadi Hadramaut territory is one of Yemen's most renowned tourist destinations.

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  • The Wadi Hadramaout valley , Yémen
    A well-preserved treasure

    Despite being inhabited since the 3rd century, the valley remains rather difficult to reach.

  • The Wadi Hadramaout valley , Yémen
    The population of Hadhramaut

    Hadhramaut is home to one million inhabitants who for the most part work in the domains of agriculture (the valley has a huge palm grove) and trade.

  • The Wadi Hadramaout valley , Yémen
    The towns and cities in the Wadi Hadhramaut

    Numerous towns and cities are located in the valley, each displaying remarkable architecture.

  • The Wadi Hadramaout valley , Yémen
    The buildings in Shibam

    The buildings in Shibam, built in the 16th century, stand five to seven storeys tall. There are 500 of this specific type of building.

  • The Wadi Hadramaout valley , Yémen

    Shibam, the city that sprouted out of nowhere, is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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