01/09/2014Travel Headlines

Iceland update: warning level lowered

The eruption on Sunday was the third to take place in the area around Bardarbunga in the last...

The week in numbers


is how many euros the town of Bunol, host of the Tomatina, spent on tomatoes this year for the annual food fight festival

01/09/2014Travel News

Ryanair updates mobile app

The newest version of the product, available for iPhone and Android, will make it easier to browse...

Issue of the week

Don't whine, recline!

Comfort, in this day and age, is priority number one for many. Tragic as it may seem, this modern era has left us with little patience for inconvenience of any kind, no matter how small or how trivial the concern. Take last week for example, when an...

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    Sea views in the Dominican

    From £1588

    The Cayacoa sits in arguably the top spot in Samana Bay. We're talking a widescreen panorama of green...

    Holiday Idea

    Away in Agadir

    From £660

    This hotel is right next to the beach, part of which is reserved for hotel guests, so it's easy to flit from pool to beach throughout the day. What's more, it's on Agadir's main promenade, so you've...

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    Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival

    null Taking place over the final weekend of September (25-28) at the start of the oyster season, the event invites seafood fanatics the world over to sample some of the freshest fish...

    Travel Tips

    Surviving the Megabus

    Getting from London to Amsterdam , Cornwall to Edinburgh or Manchester to Southampton for just £1 certainly is a good deal. And with the invention of super cheap bus travel, more and more...

    Travel products of the week

    • Skross Travel Adapter 3


      Skross Travel Adapter 3 If you're heading on a trip round the world, or planning to make numerous trips to many different countries, this is the item for you, the Skross Travel Adapter 3. A straightforward idea, the plug adapter has every pin combination imaginable, so you can charge your travel gadgets around the world. Simply use the sliders on the side of the adapter to pop out the arrangement of pins needed. The Skross ...

    • JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speakers


      JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speakers In addition to delivering full spectrum audio, JAMBOX quickly and easily connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods and other Bluetooth devices, allowing consumers to stream and share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls anywhere - all wirelessly, all in the palm of your hand. Jambox combines cutting-edge innovations in acoustics and micro computing into a meticulously crafted ...

    • Living in Bali, Taschen


      Living in Bali, Taschen A book that is easy to describe in a few words, 'Living in Bali' is at once evocative, rich, bright and colourful. But, this study of the houses and villas scattered across the Indonesian island is more than simply a series of pretty pictures, though Swiss photographer Reto Guntli certainly does deserve much credit for his spectacular, crisp-coloured images featured in the work. Nevertheless, the ...

    • Another Happy Day


      Another Happy Day The title of Sam Levinson's latest film sounds cheery enough, although one soon realises that this is mere dark sarcasm and that in fact this is a long way from joyous. Lynn (Ellen Barkin) heads up to her parents' estate in Annapolis, Maryland, with her two adolescent sons Elliot (Ezra Miller, We Need to Talk About Kevin) and Ben (Daniel Yelsky) for the wedding of another of her sons, Dylan (Michael ...

    • Shearwater: Animal Joy


      Shearwater: Animal Joy Shearwater's new album 'Animal Joy' creeps into your unconscious. It begins with 'Animal Life', a peaceful arrangement of guitar and a male falsetto, before the power of the drums kicks in and sends the music soaring to new heights, rather like the birds lead singer of the band, Jonathan Meiburg, is so passionate about. A unique concept for an album, Meiburg's zeal for all things ornithological, ...

    • A sign of the times

      A sign of the times From the craze of students stealing road signs from the streets of university towns to mums picking up decorative vintage plaques about cooking, coffee and chocolate, this week's focus is on retro signs - some cool, some cheeky, some just plain rude. Not endorsing this kind of conduct, it is true that more and more students are borrowing traffic or advertising signs from the roadside. These rebellious ...

    • Blitz London

      Blitz London Set in an old furniture factory, the two-floor store is homage to a by-gone era that is still very much in vogue. Opened 5 August, Blitz is an up-scale and large-scale version of London's already thriving Pop Boutique (Covent Garden) and nearby Rokit (Brick Lane, Covent Garden and Camden). The difference with other stores - size, tidiness, and range apart - is that Blitz stock has been merchandised ...


    Sun, sea and fun in Florida

    From £806

    The Liki Tiki Village Resort gives you easy access to Orlando's major attractions. It's between 10 and 20 minutes' drive from the city's main theme parks, including the Walt......

    Short break

    Summer lovin' in Marbella

    From £328

    The Vincci Seleccion Estrella del Mar is flanked by gardens bursting with blooms and palms, and there are restaurants and bars just a five-minute walk from the property......

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