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Sistine Chapel ignites new lights

ART: The Sistine Chapel has recently installed a new LED lighting system, along with state...

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is the height in feet of the world's highest observation deck, recently opened on the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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Windowless planes the future of air travel?

TECHNOLOGY: The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has recently announced that its...

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A week of Papal surprises

It's been quite a week for the Holy See. First came surprising revelations that Pope Francis had agreed to rent out the Sistine Chapel to a group of high-paying tourists for a classical concert and 'gala dinner', for those who are lucky enough to know...

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    Get your groove on in the Cuban capital

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    Seize this opportunity to explore Cuba's mystical and ancient capital from top to bottom, savouring its...

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    Feel like a pharaoh on Egypt's Red Sea

    From £429

    The Hilton Hurghada Plaza is one of the premier resorts in this locale and as a guest there you can...

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    The real pirates of the Caribbean

    November in the Cayman Islands means one thing and one thing only, Pirate Week Festival! Despite its name, the festival actually lasts 11 days and is literally bursting at the seams with fancy dress,...

    Travel Tips

    What is the FCO and why is it so important?

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is there to give travel advice and support to British nationals overseas. It provides help in the event of sickness, injury, arrest or detention abroad, as...

    Travel products of the week

    • Like-a-hug jacket

      Like-a-hug jacket This week's item may be delving slightly into the realm of the ridiculous, but we secretly quite like the idea and we think you will too! Students at MIT in the USA have created the new Like-A-Hug jacket, which connects wirelessly via your phone to your Facebook account to give you a hug-like sensation every time someone likes a status, photo or comment. It does this by inflating itself using a wireless ...

    • Nikon Travelite EX Binoculars


      Nikon Travelite EX Binoculars A pair of binoculars may not be what every traveller is looking for, but if you are searching for the perfect pair, getting it right is absolutely essential. Whether you're a birdwatcher, a sports fan, or a nature enthusiast, it's crucial to have the right pair on you at all times, wherever you happen to be travelling in the world. But for the avid traveller, whatever you'll be using them for, there ...

    • The Fever Tree by Jennifer McVeigh


      The Fever Tree by Jennifer McVeigh This debut novel from Jennifer McVeigh will have fans of Jane Austen's unlikely love stories and independent women enthralled from the start. Only unlike Austen, McVeigh transports her readers around the globe, following her characters as they travel from the stiff restrictions of 19th century London to the wild freedom of the South African veldt and the rampant corruption of its diamond mines. The ...

    • God Bless America


      God Bless America Joel Murray, Bill's younger, but no less talented, brother finally gets the opportunity to play a lead role in Bobcat Goldthwait's latest picture God Bless America after appearing in a string of hit US television series such as Dharma and Greg, Shameless and Mad Men. Fans as we are of his previous work, we were not let down by a blistering performance from the soon-to-be quinquagenarian who plays Frank, ...

    • Juan de Lerida: Noche en Blanco


      Juan de Lerida: Noche en Blanco This second album from the French guitarist has a predominant 'new flamenco' theme - representing the musician's Spanish background (his family moved to France from Aragon during the Franco regime). The album guest features David Peña Dorantes on the piano, a descendant of a line of famous Andalusian gypsies, who now specializes in 'gypsy jazz'. The guitarist Tchavolo Schmitt also features once - on ...

    • The Art of Tea Drinking

      The Art of Tea Drinking The Tea Smith is an American organisation dedicated to "providing-artisan quality loose-leaf teas and accessories" both in their stores, online and through wholesale contracts. The founders of the company claim that their passion began when travelling in Japan, where they witnessed a tea ceremony - cha noyu. The commitment and celebration that accompanies tea drinking in Japan inspired them ...

    • Exaudy Antique Shop

      Exaudy Antique Shop Shell necklaces, fabrics adorned with cows' teeth, assegais (a spear used by the Bantu people of Africa), and primitive masks from Timor and from its neighbouring island of Sum…the Exaudy Antique Shop sells a selection of products from Balinese artisans and from the surrounding Sunda islands. This quirky little store easily beats all the soulless stalls which have unfortunately accumulated ...


    Cruise the coasts of the Far East

    From £8999

    The Costa Victoria is a stylish cruise liner which represents the warmth and charm of Italy. It began service in 1996 and was later refurbished...

    Short break

    Treat yourself to mythical Morocco

    From £577

    The Medina Gardens is in an unbeatable location in the heart of Marrakech, and it's had a big refurbishment for summer 2014...

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