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    Easyvoyage brings you a collection of unique travel guides, written and updated by our team of 21 journalists. Find all the necessary information, maps and travel advice for your trip abroad. Using the guides, explore the places that interest you; their monuments, culture, wildlife and scenery, as well as features linked to that destination.
    For an even more in-depth look at the destination of your choice, Easyvoyage also brings you a hotel guide written by our editorial team, known as the Easyexperts. Our team scours the globe to review and score the world's hotels and resorts using 120 criteria - that way you can make an informed choice on the hotel to book for your next holiday. Bon voyage!

    World map: 252 destinations

    All our travel destinations All our travel destinations


    This map shows you the world's continents divided into 10 regions.
    Further information can be found using the drop-down menus above, where you can search by region or specific destination.

    • Africa

      Africa, with its harsh and haunting beauty, beckons any traveller with even a hint of curiosity. From Cape Town to Cairo, let yourself be carried away by local legends and a vibrant tapestry of cultures as you take in the splendour of the pyramids, the expansive savannah lands, or the majestic wildlife.

    • Asia

      The continent of spices and coloured silks, Confucius and Buddha, Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal, Asia is fascinating for its vastness alone. Travel from Mount Everest to the Mongolian steppes, and discover ancient traditions and modern amenities alike.

    • South America

      With active volcanoes, snow-capped mountains and stunning rainforests, South America is home to a diverse range of cultures and landscapes. Pay a visit to the secred Macchu Picchu, hop over to the Galapagos Islands, or immerse yourself in the history of the Incas. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, you're sure to discover something unique.

    • North America

      The bustle of the Big Apple and the glitter of Las Vegas, the grandeur of Niagara Falls and the beauty of Cancun all meet here to give you an endless choice of destinations to explore and adventures to embark on. In North America the world is your oyster, so slurp it up!

    • Caribbean

      Let your worries melt away as you kick back with a rum punch on the golden sands of a secluded beach, humming the sounds of calypso, soca, reggaeton or salsa. The Beach Boys knew what they were talking about when they sang "Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to Bermuda, Bahamas, c'mon pretty mama!"

    • Europe

      A veritable goldmine of art, history, and culture, Europe is breathtaking in its scope of languages and landscapes. Take a romantic stroll in Paris or shop 'til you drop in London, ride a gondola through the canals of Venice or admire the genius architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona. There's always more to explore in Europe!

    • Middle East

      The cradle of humanity and the holy place for the world's three major religions, the Middle East is a region rich in much more than oil - architecture, art, and culinary specialties come together in a feast for the senses. Check out the ancient city of Petra tucked into imposing cliffs of red sandstone, Tel Aviv for beach-side cool, or the shopping and nightlife of glitzy Dubai.

    • Oceania

      Head for the lands "down under!" Australia is feted for its unique flora and fauna, Aboriginal dreamtime stories, bustling cities and magnificent beaches; while New Zealand is famous for its pristine natural landscapes, fascinating Maori culture and exhilirating adventure sports.

    • Indian Ocean

      This is the place where all your troubles melt away for you've landed in paradise! Deserted powder-like sandy beaches, shimmering turquoise waters, a melting pot of African, Indian and Chinese cultures and the gastronomy to go with it - take your pick from Mauritius, the Seychelles, or the impossibly romantic Maldives...

    • Pacific Ocean

      Encompassing approximately one third of the Earth's surface, the Pacific Ocean is dotted with thousands of islands, from Tonga and Samoa, to the stunning islands of French Polynesia, bursting with colour thanks to exotic flora. Chill in celebrity hotspot Bora Bora, make a diving expedition in Tahiti, or feast on some of the best seafood in Fiji.

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