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  • An impressive building with its 100m-high belfry topped with a Rathausmann (ironman), a symbol of the city.
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    The Rathaus, Vienna's neo-Gothic city hall

    An impressive building with its 100m-high belfry topped with a Rathausmann (ironman), a symbol of the city.

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Austria

Eternal capital of the Habsbourg empire, a romantic city at will, Vienna unravels its impressive monuments spread around the Ring. But the city does not stop this  this prestigious main street and the new areas that have the tendency to rise here and there, preventing the Austrian capital from staying stuck in its glorious past. A weekend in Vienna is way too short to discover even a small part of its wealth, and so it is preferable to stay here for a week. The magic of the place has inspired the greatest musicians: Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, Beethoven or even Strauss, and it would be a shame to stay in the music capital without going to one of its many classical music concerts at the Opera or inside a beautiful baroque church. Walk across the many green spaces, visit the museums, castles and palaces, and take the time to enjoy one of those delicious pastries with a coffee or Viennese chocolate in one of the many traditional coffee shops spread all over the city. Juggling between the classical frontages of the Habsbourg era and the Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) initiated by Klimt and the Secessionists, let yourself be charmed by this endearing and human scale capital.
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Vienna: what to do?

The tour of the Ring by tramway is an opportunity to admire Vienna's most beautiful monuments.
Enjoy a delicious pastry accompanied with real Viennese chocolate while reading the newspaper in one of the many coffee shops of the city.
An evening at the gypsy Prater fair enjoying a pork shank or cotton candy while rising on the famous eponymous wheel.
Taste the white wine, cheese and delicatessen in the Heurigen, small cafes of the Viennese forest.
Attend a classical music concert at the Opera or in one of the many churches of the city.
To stroll in the museums district, one of the 10 biggest cultural complexes in the world with its 107639 ft² dedicated to modern art and culture, where the ancient imperial stables used to be. Restaurants with terraces, cafes and boutiques one after the other along a large interior courtyard bordered with buildings from the XVIII and XIX centuries, standing next to original modern constructions. Swim in the boat swimming pool in the summer, on the banks of the Danube Canal which runs alongside the old Vienna, transformed into urban beaches with bars, cafes, restaurants and deckchairs.

Saint-Etienne cathedral, known as Stephansdom by the Viennese, is the symbol of Vienna in the heart of the medieval city. 449 ft in height, the gothic spire is an easy indicator to help you find the center of the city when you are lost. The 250, 000 varnished tiles covering the roof are a marvel. The Hofburg palace was the official residence of the Habsbourg from 1279 until the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1918, including the famous Sissi empress. This exceptional architectural ensemble located in the heart of the city houses the once imperial apartments, several museums, a chapel, a church, the National Library and the offices of the Austrian presidency. The Schönbrunn castle, summer residence of the imperial family, is a sumptuous baroque palace located far in the south west of the centre of Vienna, nested inside a magnificent garden. Without forgetting Karlskirche, a superb baroque church built in the XV century, with two columns resembling the Trajan and Marc-Aurelius columns, the pavilion of the Secession, the work of art of Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) for the Viennese vanguard expositions, and the Belvedere, summer palace of Eugène of Savoy, whose gallery of Austrian art presents in particular a beautiful Klimt collection with his famous "The Kiss".

  • An inexhaustible cultural wealth.
  • Dessert breaks in the Viennese cafes.
  • The omnipresent music.
  • The outrageous price of tours by horse and carriage.

Vienna: what to visit?


Buy the Vienna Card! Valid for three days, for £14.50 it allows you to use the bus, metro and tram network as much as you want and gives you the right to offers in the city's museums.

To avoid

Pay a fortune to take a horse carriage tour: the city is just as good to discover on foot!

Vienna: what to eat?

Be careful! If you are on a diet, Vienna is not the best destination for you! Difficult to resist these delicious Viennese pastries that you can enjoy in the countless Viennese cafes, a real institution in the Austrian capital! Mozartkugeln, chocolate balls filled with praline with the portrait of the famous musician are also something that you shouldn't miss here. Finally, it would be sad not to taste the cheeses and the delicatessen with nice little cool wines in the Heurigen of the Viennese forest.

Vienna: what to buy?

The famous Sacher Tochte, not cheap but so good! Invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher, then apprentice cook in prince Metternich's court, this chocolate cake filled with apricot jam is coated with a chocolate glaze. Since this time, the Sacher hotel has held on to the recipe of this star pastry.

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