Hotel Grand Emin Hotel Hotel 0 star
Mustafa Kemal Pasa Cad. Fabrika Sok. No:13 - Yenikapi Istanbul, Turkey
Amy Adejokun Section editor

This establishment puts all of its effort into its image, but it was not entirely successful when it comes down detail. The Grand Emin is located in the district of Laleli, not far from the Ayma hotel, which belongs to the same (Turkish) owner, and is not a bad little hotel, thanks to its rates and location.
The hotel's two main drawbacks are the lack of atmosphere and the rather basic level of service. It could really do with a thorough renovation.

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    Location 4.86 /10

    Just like the Ayma, the hotel is rather badly signposted. This lack of directions is a major failing of the Turkish hotel industry, and can be a real nuisance when you are looking for the Grand Emin, which is located in a side street. Our advice would be to ask for very specific directions as to the best route to take. Alternatively, the Turkish people are charming, and may even offer to accompany you in person if they know where the hotel is.
    Failing this, take the main street running down towards Sultanahmet as your point of reference. The hotel is located on the left-hand side of this if you have your back turned to Laleli.

    Accommodation 7.45 /10

    The hotel has 65 guest rooms (single, double and triple) and 2 suites, whose style is acceptable but far from flawless.
    Of the 65 rooms in the hotel, we saw one double room and one suite.

    The former was an explosion of strong colours, with a blue carpet and a burgundy bed matching the curtains and tiling. Scarlet red is also on show in the bathroom, the style of which we found original and pleasant.
    However, the Art Deco detail simply doesn't make up for the general condition of the place. The bathroom, for example, is rather small, the bathtub drab (to put it kindly) and the wash basin chipped. The bathroom therefore leaves a lot to be desired, betraying the basic level of care enjoyed by the rooms and sanitation facilities. The lime rendering over the holes in the walls was the last straw in the room we looked at.

    Moving on to the suite, the view over Laleli is attractive, but we aren't sure the category is appropriate. Indeed, it is no more than a family room with four beds (one master bed and two additional beds), although we did like the way the space is set out.
    We were not at all impressed by the powerful smell of the spray used when getting the room ready for the next guests, mixing with the typically dusty odour of the wallpaper.
    The bathroom has been better looked-after than that in the single rooms, but it could still be much cleaner.

    Overview 6.45 /10

    The hotel seems to exude a safe, comfortable feel. However, the entrance hall is too spacious and is made gloomy by the wallpaper and the architecture, which does away with any sense of consistency.
    To one side there is a telephone booth for guests to use, as well as a rotating shoe brush and a divan for massages (for a fee), and in the middle, there is a space furnished with little divans, which is often used as a meeting point for Turkish families with children.
    From here, you can take the stairs up to the upper floors of the hotel. At the time of our visit, the usual rug had been removed from the staircase, and the soles of our shoes stuck to the steps, which was rather unpleasant.
    We liked the flowery wallpaper upstairs, which features lighter colours than the wallpaper in the entrance area. The whole establishment has its own particular atmosphere. A triple-tone bell sounds every time the lift doors open and close, there are still ashtrays to be seen from the time (not long ago) when smoking was still permitted in hotels, and the wallpaper and rugs give off an odd smell. The place could do with a thorough renovation to show off its advantages in a more flattering light.
    One such feature is the terrace, with its beautiful tiling and views over the Bosphorus, the Blue Mosque and the city in general. It is a real pity that this establishment is not very well looked-after.

    Food and drink 6.20 /10

    In spite of the absence of windows, the restaurant dining room is brightly lit, thanks to the light provided by several artificial installations.
    Here, the floor is covered with a flowery beige rug, and all three meals of the day are served as a buffet.
    We didn't have the chance to taste the cuisine, but our first impressions reflected the general style of the hotel: the presentation was basic and not very well looked-after. Details like the water from the pasta left in the bottom of a dish, for example, are hardly going to encourage guests to extend their stay.
    At the centre of the room there is a clock in the baroque style.

    To know

    The hotel belongs to the same owner as the Ayma, a four-star establishment that differs from the Grand Emin insofar as it pays greater attention to detail and offers higher levels of cleanliness. However, this is a local establishment visited mainly by Turkish guests.


    • Car park
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Air conditioning
    • Sports equipment

      mountain bike

    • Animals allowed
    • Non-smoking rooms
    • Meeting room


    • Quite a central location
    • The prices


    • The poor attention to detail
    • The general upkeep of the place leaves something to be desired

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    • Overall Score nc/10
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