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Hotel Green Anka Hotel 4 star
MILLET CAD.FINDIKZADE SOK.NO:4-FINDIKZADE Istanbul Turkey Istanbul, Turkey -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

This rather lacklustre hotel struggles to conceal the mediocrity of its facilities.
This small establishment in Findikzade, just beyond Galata Bridge, not only suffers on account of having been around for a while, but also due to an unconvincing decorative style, which make it look even older.
We found very few positive points in the establishment and would not recommend it.

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  • Family
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    Location 3.0 /10

    Like the Grand Anka, it is located in the Findikzade shopping district.
    The airport is about 10 minutes away by car, depending on the traffic, and you can also get there by metro from Findikzade station.

    Accommodation 6.45 /10

    The rooms are small and the decor in some of them feels cluttered, so the best thing about them is their view over the city.
    However, this is not the case throughout the hotel: some of the rooms are redeemed by the decorative features on their walls and have a pretty anonymous style.
    Despite the renovations talked about by the management, the hotel still has old fashioned televisions and the system used to open and close the windows is outdated.
    Just like the bedrooms, the bathrooms are small and only have a very limited range of hospitality products.
    The level of cleanliness is acceptable though.

    Overview 6.20 /10

    The Green Anka is designed in a similar style to the Grand Anka, with which it shares its owner, and is located in a building of modest quality and limited aesthetic appeal. It is also a few years older than its sister establishment (it opened in 1993, whereas the latter opened in 1997), and has not enjoyed the same level of maintenance.
    The staff do not speak English here, which could be a bit of a problem in a city where the language is not necessarily the most accessible for western tourists. However, luckily the Turks are welcoming by nature, and you are sure to find somebody who is willing to assist you.
    Nevertheless, the language barrier remains a difficulty. Just like the Grand Anka, a pronounced taste for kitsch decor is on display here. The gilded patterning and larger-than-life details on show really do not belong in a space whose dimensions are so restricted.

    Generally speaking, the hotel provides no more than what is strictly necessary. For example, the business centre consists of a single table with a computer that can be used for meetings.
    Entering the building feels like walking into an old block of flats, with a few touches of colour added here and there by prints of Monet paintings (the Van Gogh prints in the other hotel have a more relaxing effect).
    The two hotels are mirror images of each other, even in the lobbies, where an imposing fountain adorns the centre.

    Food and drink 5.70 /10

    The style of the cuisine is traditional and the simple dishes on offer are served as a buffet. We noticed a tendency to give the dishes an international twist, even in the case of local specialities.
    The real problem with the long, narrow dining room is its lack of windows and ventilation. A series of mirrors lines the room to offset this, and a red carpet covers the floor. The overall impression is not one of cleanliness, with visible damp spots and the paint peeling off in places.
    Breakfast is also served in this room.

    To know

    The hotel opened in 1993 and was partially renovated (the guest rooms and lobby) in 2010. However, more drastic measures need to be taken to make it into a pleasant place.
    Belonging to the same Turkish owner as the Grand Anka, which is not far away, it is one of the accommodation options offered by Travel Plan as well as a few German tour operators. However, with its 3 star accommodation, it is less sophisticated than the Anka, which has 4 stars.


    • Car park
    • Handicap access
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Air conditioning
    • Spa

      Turkish bath

    • Swimming pool
    • Safe
    • Non-smoking rooms
    • Meeting room


    • The close proximity of the airport
    • The rates


    • The establishment needs some renovating
    • The lack of cleanliness in certain areas

    Traveller Reviews

    • Overall Score nc/10
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