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Amy Adejokun Section editor

The irony in this extraordinary hotel being named The Standard is expressed through the upturned logo, as if, and it is absolutely true, the expected has been turned on its head. Everything from the architecture to the way the hotel chooses its staff is remarkable and anything but standard. Straddling the recently opened High Line in arguably the trendiest district of the city, The Standard has set the standard in an area where hotels have been trying to outdo each other for several years now. It has got some of the most innovative rooms, some simply stunning views and restaurants and bars which draw a very select crowd. There is proof here too that a young, good looking and talented staff doesn't have to be pretentious. Very much a property for those in the arts and not at all geared towards families, The Standard is going to take some beating over the next few years to be dethroned as the king of the Meatpacking District hotels.

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    • The Standard has a phenomenal situation above the High Line Elevated Park (over which it bestrides) with views of both the Hudson and the surrounding neighbourhoods which are second to none. Its actual address is 848 Washington Street, in the heart of the once to be avoided but now trendy Meatpacking District. While the city's main attractions are some way off, the area is perfect for more independent restaurants, cafés and bars as well as alternative shopping and mixing with thirty-somethings working in the arts. Aside from the Highline the major highlights of the area are Chelsea Market and Chelsea Piers, also very much worth a poke around. To get up north towards the star turns of the city you can take the metro at either 8th Avenue-14th Street or 14th Street. JFK is 19 miles away, La Guardia 10 miles and Newark 14.

    • The Standard has some of the most stunning rooms of any hotel we have seen, due largely to the unobstructed views of Manhattan and the Hudson, but also thanks to the top draw design inspired by 1960s/70s Copenhagen featuring clean lines and a perfect ensemble of shapes (lots of rounded edges) and colours (which marry perfectly with the sunlight). The standard room (which starts from an amazing $195), has floor to ceiling windows, wooden slats covering the wall behind the bed and the ceiling, an oval desk with designer's chair and a couch next to the window. Amenities include a flatscreen television framed in a dark wooden box, iPod docking station and a well-stocked minibar with snacks and a pouring bar above. The bathroom, one of whose walls is glass and gives onto the room, is fitted out with burnt red glazed tiles, and has a shower with glass door, hairdryer and Kiss My Face toiletries. The next few categories differ only in their floor number, the size of the bed and/or the presence of a slightly bigger seating area in the form of a wrap around sofa (with a few having a peek-a-boo bathtub). The category before the suites is the corner rooms which offer astounding 180° views and ensure that the room is bathed in light. The suite we saw was an open plan affair and had a standalone bathtub in the room. To give a floating sensation, the room actually juts out from the rest of the building so that from parts of the room you see nothing but the Hudson and the far off city. The Liberty Suite offers almost 600ft² of space with a seven foot round platform bed as well as tea cup bathtub for two and dining space for up to six. The largest suite, the Empire, has all the above plus extra seating space in the bedroom. All rooms featuring the word 'Empire' face the Empire State Building, while all those featuring 'Liberty' face the Hudson.
    • Standing proud over the High Line, one giant concrete leg either side of former railway, The Standard is a veritable one-off. Its entrance, at the foot of one of the supporting columns, has a patio dotted with moulded yellow picnic tables to match the revolving door leading to the lobby. Inside you'll find a lobby full of interesting forms and concepts-it's just a shame that it can get quite congested at times. The mirrored ceiling allows the guest waiting to be seen at reception to observe goings on in the lobby from a whole new perspective while the seating is high-backed dark grey leather couches from which it is extremely difficult to get back on your feet, such is the level of comfort. The walls delimiting the lobby, which seem like a sheet of moulded door handles, are at once so simple yet so elaborate. They are a copy of a 1950s work (found in Mexico) by Erwin Hauer, a sculptor who specialised in modular constructivism, and are fascinating to look at. At the back of the hall are the two marble reception desks with the concierge squeezed between them, attended to exclusively by young, beautiful members of staff in savvy uniforms (the girls' dresses are a copy of a sexy Alexander McQueen). The hotel's gym must have the finest view of any fitness centre in the city. Several floors up, it has spectacular views onto the city and the Hudson through the floor to ceiling windows. The machines are top quality and the cardio ones have individual screens. If you cannot get motivated to exercise here, then you should probably give up trying. Throughout the hotel are many unique features such as the 18th floor glass-floored smoking deck which is a take on the expression 'smoking kills', with smokers facing up to a sheer drop. The lift features a brilliantly made video by Marco Brambilla, an Italian artist, who has put together 400 different movie images to create an interactive piece whereby heaven is portrayed when the lift ascends and hell is depicted when it comes back down again. You'll find ice available at several points in the hotel while the corridor lighting sees strip lamps fitted width ways along the corridor rather than the usual length ways. It is only to be expected that the hotel is in a pristine state given its age, but nonetheless it is no mean feat to keep a predominantly white space that colour. The staff are nothing but courteous and full of smiles and seem to have a real invested interest in the hotel; one of the first things we heard upon entering was "We are quite a new hotel. If there's anything you think we can do better, let us know."
    • The hotel's restaurant is The Standard Grill. It is divided into two parts with one half inside the hotel and the other with an entrance on the street. The former, the back room, is a more cosy set up with both leather booths and tables and has a more familial feel. The open kitchen adds to the sense of excitement in the room and there are several covers right in front of it, while remarkably the floor is covered with almost half a million old pennies. The front room is a different story, flooded with light and almost exclusively white. A smart bar runs most of the length of the room which has covers right along it with tables and circular booths making up the rest of the seating. The bustling, city ambiance is added to by the tartan clad waiters running around serving up the creations of chef Dan Silverman (formerly of The Lever House). Both parts of the restaurant have the same menu are serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The brunch menu offers, in addition to the breakfast menu, which is fairly standard, dishes including Sunburst Farm rainbow trout and the Standard Ranch Burger. Oysters are also available as are brunch cocktails and other alcohol. Lunch entails appetizers such as haricots verts salad with yoghurt, cinnamon and crispy shallots preceding sandwiches and mains like house made saffron pappardelle, braised rabbit and shiitake mushrooms. At dinner time, start by tucking into something from the counter, such as some jamón Ibérico or sopressata, a sausage with black pepper and spices. Follow this up with a soup or salad before enjoying such fare as charred Spanish octopus with sweet potato and chilies or something sturdier like the Basque lobster stew with fingerling potatoes and white wine sauce.
    • The Standard is the latest André Balazs property, the man responsible for some of the most eye-catching, trend-setting hotels in the States including three other Standards (Miami, LA and Hollywood) as well as The Mercer. It instantly became the star attraction of the district when it opened in January 2009 and attracts the gaze from those strolling along The Highline, squinting strenuously to catch a cheeky glimpse of the voyeuristic guests through the floor to ceiling windows. The building was designed by Todd Schliemann and the interiors were a joint effort by Hollywood set designer Shawn Hausman and New York firm Roman and Williams. The hotel's young staff is drawn from an arts background (musicians, writers, artists) so as to be able to relate more easily to the target clientele. In fact, so adamant was The Standard to nurture an arts culture that they specifically ask on the application form for no experience in the hotel industry as a pre-requisite. A decision that has resulted in a great little team.


    • Car park
    • Handicap access
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Air conditioning
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    • Animals allowed
    • Non-smoking rooms
    • Meeting room


    • Architecture
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    • Views
    • Location
    • Staff
    • Restaurants


    • Lack of intimacy in bathrooms

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      Let's not mince our words; The Peninsula is quite simply one of the finest hotels in New York, even more so now it is the other side of a renovation. From the very first moment you enter the hotel you'll have no doubt about the quality of experience that awaits you. There is very little to pick holes at here where excellence comes as standard: the large rooms are finely furnished, the restaurants of the highest caliber, the spa one of the most beautiful and complete in the city and the service faultless. Like all top class hotels this all comes at a certain price, however if there was ever one hotel which could justify the cost it would be this one.

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      We were quite simply blown away by this hotel. Rare are the occasions where there is nothing to fault, but staying here was one of those - it just couldn't put a foot wrong. Generously proportioned, impressively appointed rooms are complemented by a relaxed yet top class Italian restaurant, while the spa is a sight to behold. You'll have a tough job finding a property where the service is paralleled and don't even get us started on the views! A magnificent, modern and memorable hotel, we recommend the Trump Soho to all kinds of traveller, newcomers or old hands, couples or families. A huge thumbs up.

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      The Pierre has always been a landmark hotel in New York City?and we are glad to report that after its latest $100 million renovation following its takeover by Taj Hotels, it is still very much one of the hotels by which others must judge themselves. It is true to say that it may not have some of the facilities of some of the other top hotels (no spa, smaller rooms), but when it comes to service, style and sophistication, not to mention history, it is untouchable. With a location that would make most hotels weep with envy, fabulously appointed rooms with an Asian touch and a new, top quality restaurant, The Pierre is back on top of its game and ready to welcome once again all types of traveller, no matter their motive for visiting the city. All this comes, of course, at a price, but if you had to choose a place to spend your hard earned cash, this has got to be near the summit of your shortlist.

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      Although no longer associated with its Parisian namesake, the Plaza Athénée New York continues to offer one of the most refined hotel experiences in the city. Its style may not be as subtle as some of its competitors and thus some many find it a little overwhelming, but there is no getting away from the fact the hotel is a class act from top to bottom. It boasts capacious, well-appointed and recently renovated rooms (January 2010), a fine wellness centre, a celebrated restaurant and bar and an impeccable service from a smart, professional staff. If you're after that classic European opulence the other side of the Atlantic then the well-located Plaza Athénée is one to consider.

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