This new immersive, sensory museum in New York is the only one of its kind in the world!

New York is THE city where art and innovation meet to offer unique and captivating experiences. In the heart of this dynamic metropolis, a new cultural jewel is emerging, ready to transform the way we interact with art and creativity: Mercer Labs: Museum of Art and Technology.

Une des salles interactive du Mercer Labs © Angela Weiss / AFP

Une des salles interactive du Mercer Labs © Angela Weiss / AFP

- © AFP or licensors

A revolutionary, futuristic museum

This revolutionary museum transcends the boundaries of the traditional museum experience by inviting visitors to experience an unprecedented multi-sensory adventure in 15 interactive exhibition spaces. Located in a 3,300 square metre former shopping centre in the heart of the Wall Street business district, this innovative space pushes back the boundaries of artistic expression.

It combines cutting-edge technology, contemporary art and immersive storytelling to create a world where each visitor becomes an active participant in their own artistic journey.

Interactive works

When you explore this museum, you won't just be a passive spectator, but the committed protagonist of an immersive artistic experience in its own right.

Here the works are not protected; on the contrary, you are invited to touch them by immersing yourself in interactive installations, exploring amazing sensory environments or taking part in artistic performances. Every corner of this museum offers an opportunity to discover art in a profound and engaging way.

A justified price

Slightly more expensive than average, admission prices reflect the exceptional quality of the facilities, the cutting-edge technology used and the commitment to offering an unrivalled artistic experience. Admission costs $52 for adults and $46 for seniors, students and children. The museum is already open to visitors, but will officially open on 28 March.

For more information 👉 Mercer Labs: Museum of Art and Technology

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New York
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