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London Dungeons

United Kingdom
By Dmitry Petrounin Dmitry Petrounin Section editor Profile

Discover London Dungeons

This attraction is worthy of a place in Disneyland! At the entrance, you are warned that anyone entering the London Dungeon does so at his or her peril! In the dark setting, pierced by shrieks of terror and caterwauling, visitors can find out all about Jack the Ripper and other disturbing characters from British history, relive the 1666 Great Fire of London, climb aboard a ghost train and experience a blood-curdling free-fall ride!

The visit lasts more than an hour and is interspersed with waxwork models as well as truly terrifying real-life actors. Also along the way are a show, a number of unusual experiences and reconstructed torture scenes, as well as a meeting with a mad rabid dog down a dark alley, a Black Death victim who will sneeze on you, skeletons, ghosts and the odd zombie. Steer clear if you are of a sensitive disposition!

Branches of the 'Dungeons' chain are also found in York and Edinburgh.